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My  poor neglected blog. I see my last post in January of this year started the same way. And with an update on my Halloween House! lol

Well, I’m very excited! I finished all of the cross stitches on my Halloween House this past Sunday. Now I just have to do the back stitching. I am so close to a finish on this, I can taste it!

I joined in on a Tempting Tangles Mystery SAL called Welcome. It is her first one, and I am enjoying it. I got part 1 done, and she just released part 2, which I will try to get to this weekend. I am going to put beads for the flower center. The parts are small and a really quick stitch.

I have been watching the Floss Tube videos on youtube, which are videos or vlogs I guess made by stitchers, talking about their stitching, their hauls, and their lives. The videos are just fascinating! I love stitching and watching them. It’s like you are sitting down with your friends to stitch. I wonder if that will be the death of blogs? I hope not, because I enjoy reading blogs too. And I don’t know that I would ever have the nerve to do a video. I hate seeing myself. lol But I really enjoy watching them.

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