Tuesday stuff

I had a very enjoyable stitching day Sunday. I wanted to post this then, but I had technical difficulties with my camera. Suffice it to say it involved batteries and it turned out to be a man-job. (Which means I tried to change out my batteries, but did something wrong, and my husband had to fix it.) My pictures are also not turning out very well. It took me forever to get some that were half-way decent, and they are still crappy pictures. I need to learn to work my camera better and I need to learn what to do with all the little adjustment thingies. Sigh…why can’t I just point and click?

I finished Lesson 2 on my Crewel Confidence GCC yesterday. This picture sucks, but hopefully you can see it okay. I like my chain stitch leaf and flower, and I think the buttonhole flowers turned out nice. I don’t like my coral stitch leaf. I just don’t like doing the coral stitch, which means I need to practice it. But I am proud of my progress!

I also finished my Monthly Dishcloth KAL. Believe me, the picture doesn’t do it justice, it is very pretty! It is bright and cheery, and I really love yellow. :o) I will work on one from July that I started but haven’t finished yet, and finish that one before we start the September 1 dishcloth. Fun, fun!

I am now stitching on Step One of my Crewel MasterCrafsman program. I am almost finished, and I’m pretty pleased with it. I have to get it in the mail by the end of September in order to have it judged this go round, and I am determined to finish it by then.

I talked to Megan this evening. I do miss my child, but I am happy that she is happy in Kentucky. I wish she was still at home. I guess I’m having some empty nest pains. Oh well, I will get over it.

Time for bed now!

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  1. Good luck on your MC! I don’t know if I knew you were enrolled in that. 🙂 I’ve enrolled in three over the years and never finished any of them. One I never even started I was so frustrated with the program. Another change totally in the middle of me doing the third step and I wasn’t willing to continue with the new changes. The other went hand-in-hand with the one that changed, so I sort of lost my incentive all together. YOU, however, I bet will do great! Bring it to meeting, ok?

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