Mystery Stole #3

I belong to the yahoo group Mystery Stole #3. There was a Mystery Stole #1 and Mystery Stole #2, and I belonged to both of them also. I started #1, but didn’t finish, and I never started #2. I do have the patterns saved for my “one day I will get around to it” stash.

There are two other ladies in the group from around here also, and last night we had a cast-on get together at borders. One is from Vicksburg, and one is from Brandon. It was great! They are so nice, and I enjoyed meeting them. We chattered in between bouts of silent concentration. :o)

This stole has beads on it, and I have never knitted with beads before. Hmmmmmm, this is turning into the year of beads for me, as I just took a beading class at the TVR EGA seminar, and I’m hopefully taking a Japanese beading class at the national EGA seminar. :o) The beads are really pretty in the lacey knitting. My stole is being knitted from Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud. The color is called Sunshine, but it is more cream/tan than yellow. But very pretty nonetheless!

Here is my progress from last night.

And a closeup of the beads:

I’m so very glad we had our get together last night! Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have started. I want to finish this one, and wear it to the banquet at the national EGA seminar in September. I better get to knitting!

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