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I love embroidery in all its many varied forms. I love to sew, quilt, crochet, and knit. I aspire to learn to tat. I have experimented with spinning, and would love to get better at that. All in all, I think I have threads running through my veins.

But my first and greatest love is embroidery. I learned to stitch when I was about 10, in a “needlework club” at my school. We had these “club” meetings on Friday afternoons. I think it was a plan concocted by the teachers so they could have easy Friday afternoons. LOL We had to pick one to join, and the word needlework just struck my fancy. So I joined it, and the project I received from the club mentor was a small needlepoint owl. I still have it, and it makes me smile every time I look at it; it is such a mess! LOL But that was the beginning of a lifelong devotion to and love of stitchery.

After that little owl, I stitched on all my jeans, and then my friends would bring their jeans for me to stitch on. All the wonderful 70’s motifs – peace signs, puppies, kittens, cool stuff. Our little pre-teen selves were so hip. LOL

Then I discovered crewel kits, which my mom would buy for me to stitch for her. She said she loved them, and she must have because she kept them all hanging in her house. Here are a couple of them that came back to me after her death. I was 11 when I did this first piece.

Wildflowers crewel piece, 1973

I was 12 when I started this next piece. It took me 7 years to finish!

Daisies and Poppies, started in 1974, finished in 1981

When I was 15, I learned about cross stitch. This is my first cross stitch piece. I failed to leave any margins for framing. Ah well, live and learn. :o)

Horse and Cowboy, 1977

Stitching keeps me sane. I have stitched through all the happy times of my life, and through the sad times. I have never in the 48 years that I have been stitching not had at least one project going.

Threads truly do run through my veins.

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