February Stitch From Stash Check In

Two months into the year, and I’m doing well stitching from my stash.  I have been tempted a lot, but I have been strong.

Here is my SFS February Report:

Carry Forward from January 25.00
Budget for February 25.00
Fabric 0.00
Thread 0.00
Patterns 0.00
Kits 0.00
Books 14.86
Total Spent 14.86
Balance Forward to March 35.14

My purchase this month was a book.  I pre-ordered Trish Burr’s new book Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery back in December, and it came last week.  I’m so excited!  She is one of my favorite designers and teachers, and I have all her books.  I can’t wait to try my hand at some tiny needle painting.

I have been making time to stitch every morning, and I will post photos of my progress this weekend.

4 Replies to “February Stitch From Stash Check In”

  1. You are doing well in the SFS! Congrats. And thanks for the reminder that I really want to explore needlepainting too….. yet another reason for me to exceed my SFS budget. 🙂

  2. Hey Lady, you won my giveaway! I need your address so you can get Margaret Cottam's charts and floss tag.

    Can't wait to see some needlepainting. Looks like a beautiful book.

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