Breast Trauma

I was watching Penn & Teller tonight, or rather I was stitching, The Tudors had gone off and Penn & Teller came on next, and Mark was watching them, because I really don’t like them. I think Penn is a jackass. But anyways, I digress. Their show tonight was about breasts, and whether breasts are natural, sex objects, or offensive.

The craziest thing I heard on the show wasn’t said by Penn, which is highly unusual, but by a woman lawyer who is offended by breast-feeding women. She said that a child who sees a woman breast feeding her baby is just as traumitized as if that child was sexually assaulted by an adult. What????? Is that not the dumbest, most misogynistic thing you have ever heard?? I just don’t get how any person, much less a WOMAN, can feel like viewing a nursing child is as horrible as being assaulted sexually. That woman has some deep issues. I wonder if she is offended by nursing puppies, or watching a calf suckling in a field, or if it is just the human female form that offends her. She needs some intensive psychiatric help!

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  1. It is insane…it was an issue on an episode of Charmed of all things…the one with Lady Godiva. hehehe Now you know one of deep dark secrets…I watch silly TV. 😀

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