A is for Artist and Ambition

First, let’s talk about Ambition. Ambition, as in a strong desire to do or achieve something, usually requiring a great deal of determination¬† and hard work. I have lots of ambitions, probably too many ambitions for the amount of time I have to devote to the need for determination and hard work. One of my ambitions is to complete the Blogging from A to Z April¬† Challenge.¬† A lofty goal seeing as how my last post was in October 2017, and the post before that was in September when I tried to do another “blog every day” challenge. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a challenge?

So, ambition. I am ambitiously thinking I can do this A to Z Challenge. I’m already a day late since the challenge started yesterday, so, that means I can break the rules and work it my way, yes? Yes. If I don’t get a post up every day, that’s okay. I’m determined to work my way through, A to Z.

Okay, enough of that. Now, what my blog is really about, my Art. I love to paint with needle and thread. I love to capture images using fiber rather than paint, pencil, water colors, or other mediums. I am a Fiber Artist.

I remember the first time I applied the term artist to myself. It felt…odd. I felt like a fraud. I certainly didn’t feel like an artist. That word was for people who painted beautifully, people like my daughter. But I kept mouthing that word at myself, and eventually I grew into it. Now I am proud to claim the words Fiber Artist for myself. It is more than what I do, it is what I am. If I couldn’t stitch and work with my needles, I would not be who I am. I open myself up, and my soul flows out.


Fire Mother

6 Replies to “A is for Artist and Ambition”

  1. Lisa my word for you is AWESOME! Fire mother is just beautiful! thanks for doing the work you do and letting us witness it!

  2. Fiber Artist is a most excellent term. I love Fire Mother. It’s encouraging to hear artists who work with different mediums claiming the title. Thank you!

  3. You can do the A to Z Challenge! I’ve done it in the past and there are some amazing men and women who are there to support you through the hard bits (like Q or N perhaps? lol). Eager to see what you bring to the blogging madness.

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