Hello Again!

So another year passed, and all my good blogging intentions have fallen by the wayside of life. Damn you, job that pays my bills, you get in the way of my real life! Too bad I enjoy having a roof over my head and food in my belly. Although I will admit, the starving artist life looks very inviting on some days. Well, let’s see how well I do keeping up my blog now.

This is my birthday month. Next Friday I will be 57. Wow, that number feels weird. But it is one year closer to retiring from the work-a-day world, and one year closer to my artist life dream. It won’t be retirement, it will be a career change; from a career that pays dollars to a career that pays satisfaction.

I started this piece on 5/4/19, so I have stitched on it for a little over a week. It is Pretty Little Kosheshi Dolls by Tiny Modernist. I am stitching it with DMC floss, and the fabric is Rosemerta by Under the Sea Fabrics. I stitched 2,468 stitches in 19 hours and 10 minutes from 5/4 to 5/12. I’m very pleased with my progress!

I am rotating to my Santa’s Village project next. I also have some Goddess Dolls I need to work on, and I am sewing a new pants suit. So much to do, so little time!


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