Year of the WIPs Challenge

I forgot to post this blog! I did it way back the first part of October, and here it is November 23. Oh well, I’m posting it anyway! 

The Soulful Stitchers group on facebook is having a challenge to work on and finish WIPs. It started October 1 and runs through December 31, 2017.

Out of my gazillion WIPs and UFOs, I have picked 12 to concentrate on, and here they are in no particular order.

The first one is my Halloween House, and it is sooooo close to being finished! I just have to do the back stitching. Can I tell you how exicting that is to me? The pattern is by Imaginating, and I started it January 2012. (I know I just showed a photo of this, but I’m putting it here too.)

Santa’s Village also made the cut. This is a series of different Christmas-y stores designed by Country Cottage. I decided to put all of mine on one piece of fabric. I started this in September 2013, and I have two finished.

Next up is Very Scary Mystery Sampler by Lizzie Kate. I just started this one on September 30, 1016, and it was just a few stitches…enough to call it a WIP.

This one is Pumpkin Patach Farm by Victoria Samplers. I started it in June 2012. I just love autumn themes.

Things Unseen Mystery Sampler by Lizzie Kate, started December 2014.

Blue Jeans and Daisies Mystery Sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs. I started it January 2013. (Can you tell I have a thing for Mystery stitching?)

And here we have Petit Trianon, a needlepoint piece. I think this was offered as a chapter project by Cyberpointers Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild.

Wildpea and Longhorn Moth is a stumpwork piece by Jane Nicholas, one of my all time favorite teacher and designers. I took this as a class at the Embroidery Guild National Seminar in September 2011. I am very close to being finished with this piece.

This piece I call Mushrooms, and it is my oldest WIP/UFO. It is from an Aunt Martha transfer. I started it when I was 15, way back in 1977.
This little WIP is Spooky Spider by Mill Hill, started in January 2012.
This is an Embroidery Guild of America Correspondence Course I started in March 2012. It is a piece of Rozashi, which is Japanese Needlepoint, and was designed and taught by Margaret Kinsey. I only have the background left to do, so I am this close to a finish! I enjoyed this so much I bought anothere Rozashi piece from Margaret.

This is a needlepoint sampler called Curious by Needle Delights. I haven’t put a stitch on it yet, but I did draw the gridlines so I am counting it as a WIP.

Happy Halloween Hop!

Hi Hoppers! This is the post for Jo of Serendipitous Stitching Halloween Blog Hop.

First, a little “scary” stitching from me, hot off the hoop. Mill Hill’s Spooky Spider. The gem in the middle of the spider’s abdomen is supposed to be red, but when I saw the colors on the bottom of the gem, dark blue and purpley, with little flashes of red, I decided I liked it better.

Now on to the hop.

Looking for a letter? Well, here are some clues:

If you are looking for my letter in the forest and you hear this guy howling, you are in trouble. His boy Damien is not far behind.

Beware, for this lady may come and carry you away, never to be seen again.

And if you need help, forget asking this guy. He can’t even keep up with his head!


Did you get it?

Are you ready?

My letter is …………………………………………………………………………………..

Your next blog is Justine’s Cross Stitch. Have fun!

Halloween House update

My  poor neglected blog. I see my last post in January of this year started the same way. And with an update on my Halloween House! lol

Well, I’m very excited! I finished all of the cross stitches on my Halloween House this past Sunday. Now I just have to do the back stitching. I am so close to a finish on this, I can taste it!

I joined in on a Tempting Tangles Mystery SAL called Welcome. It is her first one, and I am enjoying it. I got part 1 done, and she just released part 2, which I will try to get to this weekend. I am going to put beads for the flower center. The parts are small and a really quick stitch.

I have been watching the Floss Tube videos on youtube, which are videos or vlogs I guess made by stitchers, talking about their stitching, their hauls, and their lives. The videos are just fascinating! I love stitching and watching them. It’s like you are sitting down with your friends to stitch. I wonder if that will be the death of blogs? I hope not, because I enjoy reading blogs too. And I don’t know that I would ever have the nerve to do a video. I hate seeing myself. lol But I really enjoy watching them.

First 2016 Post

Tis been a while since my last update. My poor neglected blog. I always have the best intentions, but poor follow through. Let’s see if I can do better.

I have made some good progress on Halloween House. I am determined to finish it this year. Here is where I left it at the end of January. I didn’t get to stitch on it last month. But getting close!

As you may or may not know, I love Halloween, horror, and all things ghouly and ghastly. :o)  So I am participating in the Halloween Ornie Stitchalong hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. I have challenged myself to not only stitch according to the Halloween theme, but also to also follow along with the Alphabet Club. In January, the Alphabet Club was up to ‘F’ and the Halloween theme was Winged Creatures.  My ornie for January was a Flock of Owls. This is my own design, my very first counted design, and I must admit to being a bit proud of myself. :o)

But alas, I am behind for February. I wonder if I can get both February and March done before the end of March?

I am currently madly stitching as a pilot stitcher for a new EGA group correspondence course. Unfortunately I can’t show a photo. But I will say it is a delightful project, and I’m enjoying it very much. It has goldwork and stumpwork in it. I haven’t had much experience with goldwork at all. I have such a limited time to stitch this project, I have to leave my mistakes in there because I don’t have time to redo what I did wrong. And let me tell you, that is driving me NUTS!

I have new babies….plant babies that is. They should be ready for transplanting into the garden by the time our wild, weird winter to spring weather is finished.

Happy Stitching!