Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Victorian Sampler Love

Ooooooooo I'm in stitchy love...or maybe stitchy lust...I dunno, it's hard to tell the difference.  Maybe it's both!  Either way, my little fingers are itchin' and a-twitchin' to get ahold of some of these.


Isn't that just yummy?  It is a Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Gift Bag, full of scrumptious threads, luscious trims, piquant charms, and delectable buttons.  I am positively salivating!  She is having several give-aways on her blog, and I encourage you to hop on over and check them out, and enter yourself.

These are all photos from her blog (she graciously gave me permission to post them here, because posting these without her permission would stealing her beautiful work).  And if you are like me, and just can't wait to get your hands on one of these wonderful bags full of wonderful goodies, you can buy one on her ebay shop.  Resistance is futile!  I have been assimilated! :o)

If you surf over there from my blog and enter her give-aways, would you please say so? I will get extra entries if you do, and you would give me a greater chance of easing this itching and twitching I have going on.


Alyssa F said...

Hello! I just found your blog through the Stitch from Stash 2015 signups. I'm so happy to finally find another stitcher from Mississippi! I just moved to the Jackson area in June. :)

diamondc said...
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diamondc said...

I love Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, Nancy is just so generous, I have bought from her and love her stuff.
I tried to hit follow button to start following you but it will not let me, I will try again soon.