Sunday, September 09, 2012

September Update

We are finally enjoying a little fall-ish weather here in Mississippi.  Our temps have gone down in the 60's at night, and all week we are supposed to be in the 80's.  Much better than upper 90's! 

Megan sent me a photo of her in the pirate costume.  She is wearing the bustle and chemise I made, and a corset she bought.  I think it turned out great!  And she looks really pretty. :o)  She said she had lots of fun at Dragon Con, but I didn't ask for any details.  Sometimes its better for a mother's peace of mind to not know too much.

I have been working almost exclusively on my Halloween House this past month.  Its coming along!  I am bound and determined to finish it by the end of September.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned and see! LOL

 I am working on my crochet skills.  Our local knit shop has a crochet block-of-the-month class, and I joined it yesterday.  We will be making a sampler afghan, and it was a lot of fun.  I chose different colors than what the pattern had (of course).  Here are my colors.  When I have some completed squares, I will share. :o)  (And by the way, this is a split complimentary color scheme, and I'm delighted to show off my technical color skills I am working on. LOL)

And I decided to purchase the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler Very Scary.  I went through my favorite online shop who has really become my not-so-local local needlework shop, Beach Cottage Stitchers.  Cynthia Harris runs it, and she is very helpful and very quick with your order.  Even if she doesn't have something you are looking for, she goes above and beyond to help you get it.  So if you don't have a LNS like me, check her out! :o)  She helped me pick out the fabric for my Very Scary mystery.  It is gorgeous!  I'm looking forward to starting on it, but not until I finish my Halloween House.

Well, I went from January to an update in August, and then another update just a month later.  Think I can do an update midmonth?  I'll try!  :o)


Faith... said...

Your bustle for your daughter turned out great!

Love your Haunted House - you made lots of progress on it...

Sharon said...

Those colors for your crochet project are perfect! I just bought that Halloween house pattern to do for my daughter! No way can I finish that fast I was thinking next year :)

That bustle looks great!

Enjoyed reading your blog I'll follow along in the future!

Meari said...

Good luck with your crochet squares. Looking forward to seeing you work them up.

I think you can finish HH! Go, go, go!

The cooler temps are definitely nice. Now if I could only get rid of the allergens.