Winter Storm 2010

I just love the dire names our newspeople give to our weather events. We are experiencing “Winter Storm 2010” today here in Jackson MS according to our local news media. :o)

Actually, it is coming down pretty heavy right now, and we have about 4 inches accumulated so far. It is beautiful! And I didn’t have to go to work, which makes it even better for me! A four day weekend, woo hoo!! Lots of time to stitch!

Evil Kitty Baby was not impressed by the snow. In fact, he was quite put out with it.

I did remind him that he started out life as a wild cat, and he lives the cushy life of a domestic cat only because he allowed Megan to catch him when he was a little kitten. Therefore, he should put his big boy cat panties on and get out there in the snow. He gave me his Evil Kitty Baby stare, shook his tail at me, and stalked back into the house.

Honey is my little snow dog. She has such thick fur, the cold doesn’t phase her a bit!

Of course the fact that it was up to her chin did not make her too happy. Flea, little thin blooded chihuahua mix that she is, wants nothing to do with this cold white stuff. She is buried under the covers in bed. Lacey, being much taller, had no problems with the snow.

When it got a little lighter outside, I snapped some beautiful photos. I can see several of them as inspiration for my needlework. :o)

I have been keeping to my 210 minutes per week stitching goal. I will be making a progress report with photos later. I’m off now to gather my puppies into a warm and cozy puppy pile on the couch and stitch, stitch, stitch!