2010 Stitching Goals

I was so excited about finishing EGA Girl on time, that I went through my WIPs, prioritized them with due dates, and made stitching goals for the first half of the year. I really want to give my stitching a greater priority in my life, which means spending less time putzing around on the internet. I want more finished projects and fewer WIPs and UFOs languishing in my craft room.

I have made it my goal to stitch 210 minutes for the next week, which is an average of 30 minutes per day. That seems very doable to me. I’m hoping that I will actually find more stitching time. If I do, then I am going to increase my stitching time goal for each week. But I first want to see how much time I can easily spend stitching, because I don’t want to feel pressured by that goal.

My project list for January through June is quite ambitious. We shall see how it goes!

Soldier Kissing Pillows, 1 per week, 30 pillow tops through 6/30/10
EGA Spadefish Stitching Challenge, due 2/15/10
City & Guild Stumpwork Course Lesson 1, due 2/28/10
EGA Crewel Mastercraftsman Program Step 1, due 4/1/10
EGA GCC Shading Stitches, due 4/25/10
EGA GCC Plum Blossoms, due 5/1/10
Biscornus, 10 due 5/1/10
MS NeedleArts Logo for EGA Banner, due 5/15/10
ANG CyberWorkshop Gathered In, due 6/30/10
ANG Mystery Stitch of the Month, monthly

Whew, that seems to be a lot of stitching! My eyes may be promising more than my fingers can deliver! LOL But we shall see where 210 stitching minutes per week gets me. If I start to feel overwhelmed, I will change my goals around.

I am off to stitch! :o)

EGA Girl

I have had the privilege of stitching on a national Embroidery Guild project, and I am so thrilled! I finished my part of it today.

I stitched the hat. The beret is stitched with black pearl cotton in the woven stitch, and the stripes are stitched in raised stem stitch with bronze Kreinik braid. This piece is the largest project I have ever worked on, and the hardest part was finding a stand that would hold her so I could work comfortably on her! I ended up using my Japanese Embroidery stand. The thing I am most proud of is that I finished her on time! :o)