Snow Pictures

I got up early this morning so I could get some snow pictures before it melted. It had pretty much stopped snowing by the time I went to bed, so we only got a very light snow. I’m watching the weather channel, and Georgia is getting our snow now. Virginia is also getting its first snow of the winter too, according to TWC. I really love snow, probably because I live in Mississippi where we don’t get any snow and don’t have to deal with all of the problems it can cause. As I sit here typing this, I am watching the snow melt and fall out of the trees.

So here is our snow for 2009!

I did get a picture last night in the dark –

Here is our world this morning. The front of my house –

The pond –

And my back yard –

All that talk of snow all day yesterday put me in the holiday mood, so on my way home from work I stopped and got some rum and egg nog, and we put up the tree as the snow came down. What a wonderful start to December!!


Here it is the first part of December, and we are getting snow! I’m just so excited. I went outside in the dark and cold just to watch it come down. The world just seems so quiet when it is snowing. And I love the sound it makes when it crunches under your feet.

I love snow! I will go out in the morning and take pictures. Woo hoo!