Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabric painting, sewing, and stitching

Last Monday I did some gel printing on fabric using house paint and leaves and feathers. Thank you Rhonda for demonstrating this technique with house paint!

First I practiced on some paper.

Then I printed on my fabric. I like the way both the paper and fabric turned out. Now I'm mulling over some ideas for more gel printing.

I also finished my quilt squares for the beginning quilt class I am taking through the MS Craftsman's Guild. I really love how they turned out, and I can't wait to see my finished quilt! :o)

This is my Shoo Fly square:

This is my Sawtooth Star square:

And this is my Log Cabin square:

I'm now working on the fourth square, which is a hand appliqued heart. What I found very interesting about my class is that we all included some form of green in our color scheme, even though the color schemes and prints chosen by my class mates are all very different. Green seems to be the unifying color! :o)

One of the groups I'm in on the stitchin fingers Ning group is redoing Sharon Boggan's Take a Stitch on Tuesday (TAST). They just started back up with Week 27, which is the bullion stitch. So I joined in, because it is always good to practice different stitches, plus I'm hoping to learn some new ones. Here is my bullion sampler. I used Heathway crewel yarn and Edmar rayon thread.


sandra wyman said...

Love the gel-printing - I dd a print workshop recently too. Thanks for your comments on my blog. BTW your quilting looks good and your embroidery is wonderful.

veena krishnakumar said...

i loved the gel printing. your log cabin inspires me to do some quilting too:-) but do not know how to quilt:-(