Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Snake outsmarts the Boy

Megan's boyfriend Billy, aka the Boy (who's really not a boy, he's 24), found a baby snake when he was pulling grass out of the "garden." It is just a teeny, tiny little thing. Of course, my first question to him was did he know what kind it was, being just a little concerned that it might be a poisonous snake, but he just shrugged. So since he wasn't going into some kind of seizure or writhing in pain on the ground from being bitten, I assume it is not a poisonous one. :o)

The little snake really wasn't happy to be held by some great big human. First, he pooped all over Billy's hand. That made Billy put him down, but then he decided to pick him back up to take a picture with his cell phone to send to his friend. Evidently the little fella REALLY wasn't happy to find himself back in the hand of a great big human, because all of a sudden he appears to go into a seizure. He starts writhing around and curls himself into a snake knot, then he opens his mouth, lets his tongue fall out, and collapses like he is dead. Now I'm upset that Billy killed the baby snake, Billy is upset that he killed the baby snake, and his friend is on the phone going, dude, how did you kill the snake (he's talking so loud I can hear him)?

So Billy hangs up, and we are looking sadly at the poor little dead baby snake, when it all of a sudden unknots itself and slides under some bark to hide. I start laughing, pointing out to Billy that the baby snake outsmarted him, but he didn't see the humour in that. But I must confess, it was a very convincing performance, right down to the teeny-weeny little tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. :o)

Here is a picture of the little fellow. I uncovered him so I could take a picture of this emmy award-winning baby snake.

My finger is resting on the ground beside him to give his size some perspective. I'm not sure what kind of snake he is; I'm thinking maybe a king snake. I warned him about Evil Kitty Baby, so hopefully he will elude the master hunter and not fall into his claws.


Rissa said...

OMG, how funny. Poor Billy.

sandra wyman said...

Looks remarkably like a British grass snake, basically a garter snake - they do seem to be everywhere and I'm sure you have them over there too (the yellow crescent behind the head is the giveaway. The excreting is first-stage defence, designed to put other creatures off, followed by playing dead - natural garter-snake defense behaviour! Only ever seen it happen in real life - when my dog caught a garter-snake winding round his hind leg after crashing through some undergrowth into a woodland stream...

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