My Mandala

On Saturday I went to a class on drawing mandalas at a local shop, P is for Primitive, which is a really cool folk art, antique, and gourmet food shop. Lisanne is a fabulous rug hooker who designs rugs and teaches rug hooking. She is also a fabulous cook, and one of the definite perks about taking classes at her shop are the wonderuf lunches she always serves! :o)

The mandala class was given by Stacy Wills, an artist who rents a studio above P is for Primitive. Her site is called A Magic Mom & Her Mandalas, and they are just beautiful – check the link out. :o) The class was wonderful! She gave a great lecture on the history and different kinds of mandalas. She went to see the Tibetan monks who created a sand mandala when they visited Millsaps, and she talked about what a wonderful experience that was. I would have loved to have seen them! Then we got to tour her studio and see some of her art in person. She also showed us some of her favorite paints, glittery glues, and other really cool artsy stuff. :o) After the delicious lunch served by Lisanne, we drew our own mandalas and started decorating and coloring them. We also got to experiment with making mandalas out of colored sand.

I just finished my first mandala. I really enjoyed creating it, and I find the whole process quite addictive. I am already looking forward to creating my next one! There is something so freeing and meditative about creating them. The mind just seems to float unfettered as the hands work. I think it is just amazing how pleasing our eyes and brains find these geometric creations.

So here is my first mandala.

And here it is shifted just a bit.

Cool, huh? I love it! :o)

Playing with fabric

Today in my art quilt group we did some fabric painting. We were working with gel plates, but mine was just too mushy to give good prints. It did do some cool texture in the paint though.

This second one is my favorite.

Then I tried just rolling paint on the stamps, and that was fun too.

I really enjoy my art quilt group. I’m learning so much, and it is just such fun to see what all can be done with and to fabric.

I have also been doing some rust dyeing. I think they all turned out pretty.

Rust dyeing is so easy, and the patterns it makes on the fabric is cool. I think it is addictive. :o) I need some more rusty things!