Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playing with fabric

Today in my art quilt group we did some fabric painting. We were working with gel plates, but mine was just too mushy to give good prints. It did do some cool texture in the paint though.

This second one is my favorite.

Then I tried just rolling paint on the stamps, and that was fun too.

I really enjoy my art quilt group. I'm learning so much, and it is just such fun to see what all can be done with and to fabric.

I have also been doing some rust dyeing. I think they all turned out pretty.

Rust dyeing is so easy, and the patterns it makes on the fabric is cool. I think it is addictive. :o) I need some more rusty things!

1 comment:

Delta said...

You should have brought the rust stained pieces to group to share with us!! They are abslutely gorgeous!