Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good morning on a cool, rainy MS morning

This is the way (Evil) Kitty Baby starts out on a rainy Saturday morning. Don't you just love the way cats nap? :o) It looks like he may spend the whole Memorial Day Holiday weekend here, because the weatherman says it will be rainy all weekend long. Oh well, I wanted to stitch and sew this weekend anyways.

I am stitching on Moonlight Sonata, an EGA correspondence course I am taking through CyberStitchers. I am having a little trouble with my counting skills, however. I have had to take out and redo more stitches than I have had to do in a long time. I guess all the time spent with my surface embroidery projects has made the counting part of my brain lazy. Well, it needs to wake up! LOL

I have discovered art quilts, and now I am adding a whole new world of stitching to my needlework love. Not that I haven't been aware of quilts, both traditional and art, in the past, I just have concentrated on embroidery. So I seem to be diving headlong into quilting. I am taking a class on fabric protraits from Quilt University.

So this

plus this
is going to (hopefully) become a fabric portrait of my daughter.

Off to find some nourishment now. :o)

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