Good morning on a cool, rainy MS morning

This is the way (Evil) Kitty Baby starts out on a rainy Saturday morning. Don’t you just love the way cats nap? :o) It looks like he may spend the whole Memorial Day Holiday weekend here, because the weatherman says it will be rainy all weekend long. Oh well, I wanted to stitch and sew this weekend anyways.

I am stitching on Moonlight Sonata, an EGA correspondence course I am taking through CyberStitchers. I am having a little trouble with my counting skills, however. I have had to take out and redo more stitches than I have had to do in a long time. I guess all the time spent with my surface embroidery projects has made the counting part of my brain lazy. Well, it needs to wake up! LOL

I have discovered art quilts, and now I am adding a whole new world of stitching to my needlework love. Not that I haven’t been aware of quilts, both traditional and art, in the past, I just have concentrated on embroidery. So I seem to be diving headlong into quilting. I am taking a class on fabric protraits from Quilt University.

So this

plus this
is going to (hopefully) become a fabric portrait of my daughter.

Off to find some nourishment now. :o)

Star Trek movie

I went and saw the Star Trek movie, and it was absolutely great! Fantastic! Wonderful! Can you tell I really enjoyed it? :o)

I am a die-hard Trekkie from way back, and although hopeful, I was prepared for a fail with this movie, but it did not disappoint, not one little bit. I love that the actors all looked like youthful versions of the originals, and even managed to get their mannerisms down. Now I’m ready for a new Star Trek series – Star Trek Alternate Universe! Woo hoo!

Live Long and Prosper!

Happy Birthday to Me! :o)

Today is my birthday, and I had a lovely, quiet, contemplative day.

I decided to attempt to make my mom’s chocolate cake for my birthday cake. Megan assisted. :o) Actually, it was the first time in her whole 21 1/2 years that she had ever witnessed a cake made from scratch, as opposed to made from a box. My mom’s chocolate cake was the best ever rich, yummy chocolate sheet cake. It turned out okay, not as good as I remembered from when my mom made it, but not a total fail either. I will have to work on it.

There are pecans on only half because not all of my people like pecans and they whined when I told them they could pick them off. I mean, come on people, whose birthday cake was this?? Sigh…the things I do for my little and not-so-little peeps. :o)

Then, since I was evidently in a baking mood, I made my mom’s peanut butter cookies. They are so yummy!

I felt close to my mom as I made these things from her recipes. It was a comforting thing to do on my birthday.

And then came the best part of cleaning up…

Yum! Yum! cookie dough!

I had an audience, just in case some wild cookie dough jumped out and landed on the floor. My ever vigilent pups, willing to risk life and limb and throw their bodies on that dangerous stuff to protect their mom!

And lest you think I haven’t been stitching because of the lack of needlework pictures, here is my latest finish. It is Brazilean Dimensional Embroidery, and was a lot of fun. I haven’t decided what I will do with it yet, but I think I might make a little sachet with it.

What more could a girl ask for on her birthday, chocolate, fiber, and fur babies? :o)

I have a tatoo!

I have been talking for a long time about how I would like to get a tatoo. My daughter has several, and they are all so pretty. She also has multiple piercings. I really admire her free spirit, because I don’t think I would have the confidence to carry all that off! Plus I work in business, where they kind of frown on personal expressions like that.

Megan has been encouraging me to go ahead and get a tatoo, but I have just been waffling and dithering about it. So for my birthday, she bought me one. :o) Her friend Ahza, who really does beautiful work, did it for me. I picked out a lotus with an om symbol on the middle petal, and Megan got one just like it the back of her neck. Mine is on my shoulder.

It didn’t hurt at all, which surprised me. I was expecting pain, lots of pain. :o) Now that I have one, I just might get another one! :o)

Proud of my baby!

Megan won First Place in the oil paintings AND Best of Show for the Hinds Community College Student Show. Her picture and a little blurb about her is on Hinds’ website. The painting on the left is the one that won Best of Show. I just love her evil grin. LOL