We got snow!

We got snow this past Thursday! It was quite exciting, because we just don’t get snow in Mississippi this far south very often, especially before January. Normally we are still in shorts at this time of the year. And the strange thing is, areas farther south than us got even more snow. According to the news, Florence, a little town about 10 miles south of Jackson, got almost a foot of snow! Although I did talk to someone who lives in Florence, and she said she only got about 6 inches. Still! That’s a lot of snow for us! LOL

At my house, Thursday morning started out with rain…a lot of rain. Then the temperature started dropping, so the rain changed to sleet and we started getting ice on our cars. Ice is not good! We do get ice here, and it always causes major problems. Ice was not what I wanted!

But then, fortunately for us, the sleet switched over to snow. Big fat white snowflakes! I was so excited! I grabbed my camera and out I went to celebrate the beautiful snowiness.

See what I mean about all the rain we got? The water is gushing up from the manhole thing over our sewer lines. I just refuse to believe that is sewer water though, in spite of what my husband says. I just believe it is run off rain water.

This is another one of those man hole sewer things, in the middle of some bushes. I thought it was cool – it looked like a waterfall in the middle of the woods.

The pond was flooding too!

The normal bank is on the other side of the grasses.

The other bridge had a raging torrent under it, almost ready to go over it. I thought it was quite exciting. :o)

And the path to the other pond was totally under water.

Look at those big fat snowflakes! And how fast they were coming down too! They weren’t drifting lazily, they were coming down like rain.

Here is my house, all purtefied with the snow on the roof. :o)
And me, little snow bunny that I am. LOL

Unfortunately, not long after I took these pictures, the snow changed back to rain. And it rained and sleeted all afternoon, so it turned all of our beautiful snow into icey slush. I was very happy to remain inside knitting, cuddled up with my dogs and kitty baby.

The temperature continued to drop way down into the 20s Thursday night, so Friday morning we got up to ice. Even our pond ended up with a thin coating of ice, which I thought was very unusual. Just in the shallow parts though, the deeper parts didn’t have any ice.

We got up to 50 on Friday, and it was 50 and sunny yesterday, so everything is gone now. And today we are supposed to get up to 65. Just gotta love our crazy southern weather!