Friday, August 15, 2008

No way to treat needlework!

This is a piece of crewel work that I did for my mom when I was around 14 or 15...if I'm honest I would admit that was 31 years ago. Ouch...I would rather not do THAT math! LOL You can click on any of the pictures to see a bigger image.

Anyways, some of the wool has deteriorated and come loose, so I decided that I would take it apart and redo it. I was just horrified when I took the back off. This is a piece that my mom had professionally framed, and it is very obvious the framers knew NOTHING about framing needlework. This horrid foam stuff was under the embroidery and was glued to a piece of cardboard.

Then the embroidery was glued to the cardboard.

Then nailed with these nails, many of which are rusted.

Look at all this damage from the glue and rust. What a mess!

I am going to take all of the yarn out and wash the material. Fortunately it is some kind of heavy material. I hope I can get all the yuck out. If not, at least there is enough material that I can cut off the damaged part.

This just goes to reinforce the good advice to make sure any framer you take needlework to knows what to do with it! We put way too much of ourselves into our precious pieces for them to be treated like this piece was. :o(


Rissa said...

Yikes! I am sorry, but I hear horror stories like yours a LOT.

MLJ1954 said...

My sister made me a wonderful counted cross stitch picture. She hadn't had it framed and when I told her that I was going to take it to Michael's she gasped and told me it would be better to frame it myself than take it to the "butcher." LOL. I did frame it myself. Very carefully.

Deborah said...

Looks like the "framing" job I did when I was 17! What a shame, though. It is such a pretty picture, and must have meant so much to her. Now, if I can't do it myself, I think I'd take it to our wonderful local needlework store and see what they can do, or where they take theirs. Wow. How awful. So, I see that Michael's is a butcher shop for these crafts? Yikes.

Julie said...

I'm sure this would have been much more useful back in August, but I have an unopened good condition version of this kit "Birch In The Winds" in my stash that I bought at Goodwill because it's pretty. I'd be happy to send it to you if it would help.

I went through something similar when I took a piece of lace from my great grandmother's wedding dress in to my LNS to be reframed. Let's just say I'm happy it's in such good condition after what it had been through. At least that framer had the excuse of framing it in the 1940's or so!

Julie from CyberStitchers