Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fearless Composition Workshop

I attended a workshop through the Mississippi Quilt Association by Brett Barker called Fearless Composition. I had a great time, and I learned a lot.

We started off by using India inks and different tools to paint paper. I used various paint brushes, a wooden stick, a feather, and some sponges. It was such fun. I am going to try painting fabric using these inks too.

Then we cut out some kimono shapes and some rectangle shapes our of our paper.

This is my favorite rectangle. It makes me think of two moons over two mountains. I may have to do something else with this.

After we cut our our shapes, we had to choose one of our kimonos and interpret it with fabric. We glued the fabric to paper.

I used strings for skinny stripes, and it about drove me nuts because I had glue all over my fingers and the string wanted to stick to me instead of the paper. :o)

The next day we took our picture we brought several copies of and used it to make a collage. I had a picture of a sunflower. After we made our paper collage, the next task was to interpret it with fabric. It took me a while to wrap my head around using fabric to make the picture. I am so used to thinking in terms of thread and stitch techniques, my brain had to adjust to using blocks of fabric. Again, we glued the fabric onto our foundation.

I am having a lot of fun with this. I can see beads, stitching, and other embellishments on some of these pieces as I place them. I have already changed it up just a little, as I went fabric shopping and added some new fabrics. :o) I plan on finishing my sample and working it up into an art quilt.

We had a show and tell in the afternoon. Rhonda brought a lot of her gorgeous art quilts. I really love her work. Her friend Dorinda had lovely traditional quilts. I met a very nice lady from Brookhaven (where Mark and I are from, an hour south of Jackson), and she brought some pictures of her beautiful work. She had some landscape quilts that I just loved. Another lady had some beautiful paintings as well as quilts. I enjoyed looking at everyone's stuff. :o)

Brett is a very nice lady, and I really enjoyed taking this workshop from her. I am so glad I didn't get the job with Blue Cross, because then I would have missed this workshop. It all worked out for the best. :o)

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Rissa said...

Oh it looks so cool, I wish you had brought more of your stuff with you. :-) Love the dual moons!