Thursday, July 03, 2008

Started Weight Watchers

After much thought and penny-counting, Megan and I decided the diet program through the hospital would be just a bit more expensive than we wanted to pay. So we decided to join Weight Watchers, and my friend Rissa joined with us.

We joined at an evening meeting on July 1, so we have been on the diet for two days now. And so far, so good! I've spent these two days figuring out the diet, how to count points, and what I can eat. This morning Megan and I went to the grocery store and bought lots of good, healthy food. That means Mark will be eating healthier too. However, I don't know what Billy (Megan's boyfriend) is going to eat, since nothing green except Mountain Dew ever gets past his lips. LOL It amazes me how skinny that boy is, since all he eats is junk.

I went to Rissa's yesterday to stitch, and had a wonderful time. Her babies are just so precious. I love all the dachsund doggie cuteness. Even Princess seemed happy to see me, and greeted me with doggy love. :o) I worked on my Crewel Choices GCC. I am stitching on it madly, trying to finish it so I can send it in for an evaluation. I'm not sure I will make though, but hope does spring eternal in my little procrastinating heart. LOL

I have another crewel project I will be starting shortly. I am piloting a new Australian Wool Embroidery GCC. Its an embroidered teddy bear, made out of Australian blanketing wool. I didn't even know what blanketing wool was, and for good reason evidently. There is only one supplier that I can find in the US that sells it! And it is quite expensive. I am looking forward to experiencing stitching on this wool. :o)

Here is some kitty cuteness. Isn't my Evil Boy handsome? :o)

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Rissa said...

Evil Merlin looks like Choochie in better days. LOL I am glad that you were able to come over and glad that we got a chance to stitch at least a little! I am confident you can get your things finished on time.