Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gentle Yoga Teacher Rissa

Rissa taught the gentle yoga class today, and it was great! :o) I really enjoyed the class. She is a natural-born teacher, whether it is computer stuff, spinning, needlework, bellydancing, or yoga. Okay, I'm going to toot my friend's horn just a bit, even though she will pooh-pooh me. :o) She has so many talents, gifts, and skills, it is amazing. Everything she turns her attention to, she becomes an expert at. And she freely shares all her knowledge, all you have to do is ask. And a more humble person I have never known. I am so grateful to call her my friend. :o)

Anyways, in the gentle yoga class we used a chair to support and help keep our balance. I got a lot of really good stretching in, without having to worry about falling over. LOL I am finally getting to a place where I actually enjoy doing yoga poses. But the most useful thing I have learned is it is okay to come out of a pose when your body tells you to, whether the teacher releases the class out of the pose or not. That way I don't end up in tears and hating the my body, the class, the teacher, and yoga in general. I have learned my limits and how to GENTLY stretch them.

On the employment front, I heard back from Blue Cross on Monday. Although I scored very high on the tests, evidently BC has decided that rehiring former employees is not a good thing. So I am ineligible to apply for a job with them. Oh well. I guess that means I will be going to school with Megan this fall. Although hearing that BC didn't want me was just a little upsetting to my little ego, it makes me very happy that I will be going to school with Megan for one more semester. :o)


Rissa said...

Ah, but they did want you, or they would not have gone so far as to find out you were ineligible for rehire! LOL I appreciate your sweet comments about the class...I have SO much to learn, but I want to learn it. :) I also want to share it! LOL

maidenelf said...

Heehee, I like the sound of that class -- I would definitely enjoy a yoga class in which I wasn't contstantly worried about falling on my, um, face. :)) Good to see you, sweetie!