Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finished Crewel Choices

I finally finished Crewel Choices on Friday and got it stretched out. I will be taking our projects to the post office today to send to Judy Jeroy for evaluations. I'm very happy to be finished! :o)

Now I'm working on Cherry Tree Cottage basket, because I would like to be able to use it at the seminar the first week of September. Then next I have to work on the embroidered bear I agreed to pilot stitch.

I got home yesterday afternoon from the dentist to find visitors waiting in the yard. Evidently, they thought I should provide a snack for them.

They were just too cute to resist. I ran inside and got some bread and my camera. While tearing the bread for them, I dropped some crumbs on my toes and got nibbled on. :o) I really wanted to pet them, but when I tried to get too friendly they took their leave from me.

Megan went to a dance thing Saturday night put on by the local SCA. One of the requirements (other than your money) was that you come in costume. I think she looks beautiful.

I love the way she poses. :o)


Megan said...

DELETEDELETEDELETE those pictures! :( I'm so fat! ><

katja said...

Megan *is* gorgeous, and so is your work! Love the ducks too!

Rissa said...

I agree with you...she is BEAUTIFUL and needs to come dance with me at Petra Friday night.