Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Come Walk With Me!

Woo hoo! This is the last day of the first week of my weight watchers diet, and so far, so good! I weigh in tonight.

Not only have I been dieting, but I have been forcing myself to get some form of exercise every day. On the days I don't go to water aerobics, I go for a walk. Would you like to come with me this morning? Come on, its a fine, beautiful Mississippi morning!

Here we go, leaving my garage. Damn, its only 7:30 and already hot!

But the birds and cicadas are singing, and I can hear the dull roar of Lakeland Drive ever present in the background, so come on. It will be nice.

Here is where we begin our walk, which is, coincidentally, right next to my house. :o)

The fence you see to the right is mine. And that is the back end of my husband's little fishing boat that I told him to put up days ago. Men! You just have to keep on them or they never put their toys up. Sigh.

The walking trail goes around the neighborhood pond. That's not a mist in the pictures, its a heat haze.

These are the good neighbors, coming to see if maybe I brought some breakfast along with me. I love it when they have little fuzzy ducklings. The ducklings are now all adolescents, and it is hard to tell them apart from the adults, but they are in there. (you can click to enlarge)

Onward, because we brought no food, and that tends to make them cranky!

Right before you cross the little bridge above is the path to the second neighborhood pond. It doesn't have a walking trail around it. It has been left more to its original state. In fact, last year the wildlife people caught 2 rather large alligators out of it and moved them to the reservoir. I will take you to that pond another day.

Path to the second pond.
After crossing the bridge, we come to the bad neighbors.

Mean, vile, nasty, evil-tempered Canadian Geese. I always thought they were such beautiful birds (and they are), but now that I have met a few way too up-close and personal, I avoid them when I can. See the evil fella still on the side walk? He wouldn't move, and hissed at me. So I walked in the grass, while we both gave each other the stink-eye. Doesn't he realize I could eat him?? Stinky bird.

Here is another neighbor. A beautiful great blue heron (you can click and enlarge the picture). We also have a white egret, but I didn't see him this morning. Blue was not happy with me for disturbing his breakfast, and sqawked at me. For such a beautiful and graceful bird, he sure does make an awful noise. LOL

Around the curve is the neighborhood's club house and pool. There is a second club house and pool, in the "new" section of Laurelwood. But this is the pool I go to, when I go. :o) I think the little light thingy-effect is kind of cool. I'm not sure how that happened though. :o)

Before we get to the club house though, we turn onto my favorite part of my walk. Its all nice and shadey. :o)

But it doesn't last very long! Here we are, through the woods and onto the road.

Now, down this street. Look, people have set their garbage out. Oops! Its garbage day, and I forgot! I hope they don't come before I get back! :o)

Turn and go down this street. Into the full sun, damn its hot! And not even 8:00 yet! My goal is that little patch of shade.

Whew! Made it through that street. Its the worst part. Now down this street, with a little more shade. And we aren't heading straight into the sun either.

Here we go, this is my street. Almost home!

Home! Yay! We made it!

And see, this is where we began. I told you the walking path was very conveniently located for me. :o) And I made it home before the garbage people came through.

Thanks for coming with me. I enjoyed taking you on my walk. :o)


katja said...

Oh, what a great little walk! And since I came with you on *your* walk, I get to skip *my* icky Suburban walk today, LOL! I love the ducks. I even love the Canada geese (but I've never been up close & personal with one). Good luck tonight!

coral-seas said...

Thanks for taking us along. I like to walk but my partner doesn't, he thinks it's pointless!

Rissa said...

I love it! I know what you mean about the Canadian Geese, because I used to live at the Reservoir. Not only are they periodically cranky ELFs, their poop is dangerous stuff. :-D I have seen many a person take a spill when they stepped on it. There is a reason they say "slick as goose sh*t." ROFL