Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bringing Width and Depth to My life

I am using Spark People, a diet community, to help me in my effort to change my lifestyle. I receive perky little messages and recipes through my email from the site. The one for today really touched me.

“You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth. Shira Tehrani

Life is like a marathon. We run and run, not knowing where (or how far) the finish line lies. We focus so intensely on prolonging the race but sometimes--despite our best efforts--the race is cut short. Too often we don't relish the path of and enjoy the details instead of just pounding the pavement of life. What personal boundaries can you expand to help you enjoy your life? Today meditate on the simple joys: a warm bath, reading a book to a sleepy toddler, or spending quality time with your family and friends. All of life contains bumps in the road such as losing your job or an unforeseen illness. But it is up to us to determine the quality of our lives. Remember, we don't always determine the distance, but we can determine the path."

To me, it’s saying you don't necessarily know how long you will live, so you shouldn't worry about that. Instead you should focus on the here and now, today, and enjoy it to its fullest, and live the healthiest that you can.

It also makes me think about not just focusing on the end of my journey, or reaching my goals. Like my weight loss goal...I have about 90 pounds to lose. I shouldn't let that be my total focus. Instead, I need to enjoy each step of my journey. I need to be proud of the fact that I am making the effort to learn about nutrition and proper food choices, and celebrate the good choices I do make. I need to enjoy learning about my body and exercise, rejoice when I take that morning walk, and take pleasure in the feel of my newly re-awakened muscles.

And the flip side to that is I don't need to be devastated when I think I have screwed up my diet. If I'm focused on the weight I have to lose, that can be discouraging. If I am focused on me, here and now, than I can enjoy whatever I have made the choice to eat. Savor the taste, the flavors, the sensation of eating it. Then recognize that maybe it wasn't the best choice, although an enjoyable one, and move on. Same thing with exercise. Some days I may not be able to get myself out the door. So I should honor whatever I am feeling. Perhaps I should just pamper myself by meditating, by allowing myself to get a little extra rest, or by giving in to my yearning to just putter around my nest. I should not berate myself for being a lazy fat ass.

To me, this quote is all about being in the moment, being present in my life right now rather than one year from now when I think I will have lost the weight. That is what will give my life width and depth.

This morning I walked to our pool. The water was heavenly! Just warm enough to cool me off from my walk over, but not devastatingly cold like the indoor pool at the Y. LOL I should have brought my camera, because on the walk over an egret let me get quite close. I would have loved to have snapped his picture. Oh well. I enjoyed the moment. :o) Then there were two toads in the pool, poor little fellas. I fished them out and put them in the grass, and nudged them towards the pond. I hope they will be okay; I know chlorinated water is not good for toads and frogs. :o( But getting them out made me feel good. I enjoyed the moments of my walk and swim this morning. Width and depth! That's what it is all about!

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Well, never ever call yourself are so motivated and doing SOOO much!