Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stitchin' In Memphis

This past Thursday Rissa and I headed up to Memphis for the Share-A-Stitch Seminar. This is the Tennessee Valley Region of the Embroidery Guild of America's yearly seminar. (At the end of August I will be going to Louisville KY for the National Seminar.) It was great! It was only my second SAS; the first one I went to was last year in Knoxville. I started going when I won the position of TVR's Treasurer, and now I have to go, right? That's what I tell Mark anyways. :o)

The Hilton we stayed in was very nice. We arrived way before check-in time because as Treasurer I had three meetings to go to on Thursday. On the off chance that they might have a room they would go ahead and let us have, I went in to see if we could check-in. They graciously said no problem, and then they gave us a room on the 24th floor, a "special" floor. One of those floors that you have to put your card in the elevator to get up to. As I have never stayed on one of "those" floors before, I felt like a VIP. :o) The room was very nice, and the food in the restaurant was good and reasonably priced.

Rissa, Cynthia, and I all had the same class, and there were several other CyberStitchers (the internet chapter of EGA that I belong to) in our class too. And a friend I made in my very first national seminar was there also. She is an 87 year old lady from Tennessee who stitches wonderfully, and just got the Master Craftsman designation for crewel embroidery a couple of years ago. She is my hero. I hope I am half as spry at that age as she is! You would never know she was almost 90 years old.

The class we took was a crewel class from Barbara Jackson. I really enjoy her classes. Its called Cherry Tree Cottage, and it makes a sewing basket. The large design is for the lid of the basket, and the smaller designs make a little pin pillow, scisssors case, and scissors fob. My goal is to have it finished in time to use it at National seminar.

I really love Barbara's designs!

On merchandise night I helped Rissa man her table. It was a lot of fun. I like helping vend. I won't say it keeps me from spending money, because I still managed to spend too much (but all from Barbara LOL). A lot of the vendors are the teachers, and it is fun to get to talk to them and get to know them better. I also got to watch everyone come through, and that was interesting too.

Rissa is thinking about having a table at National, and if she does I will be helping her there too. At my first National seminar, I ended up helping my teacher at her table by accident. She was Danish, and having a little trouble with making change. Also, some of the people trying to buy from her were giving her a hard time because she didn't want to accept checks because she didn't have an American bank account. So I stepped in to try to help her, and ended up staying for quite a while. :o) She was very nice, and I didn't mind at all.

Here is a picture of my seminar bling. They are pins I have collected from the various seminars I have attended. Some people (like Rissa) have quite an imperssive collection! I'm working on it! :o)

See the little leaf on my name tag? That is a momento from Rissa's and my misadventure as we were trying to get the unsold stuff from merchandise night on a bellhop cart back to our room. Unfortunately, the ONLY way we knew to get to the elevators was through the dining room. Being the kind, considerate (and allergic to embarrassment) women that we are, we really wanted to find another way so we wouldn't disturb all the diners. There was a walk way outside that went right beside the dining room, so we decided to try that. Well, it was dark, it had been raining, I was pushing and Rissa was pulling. All of a sudden Rissa yelled stop! I tried but the cart had too much momentum, and the next thing I knew Rissa was flat on her butt, her shoes were flying across the walkway, the cart wheel was in a rut, and the top of the cart was stuck in a tree. Fortunately there was a little fence in front of the duck pond by the walkway, or we would have been fishing her shoes out of the water! So we gathered her shoes and our dignity, and went through the dining room with our cart. Hence the little leaf momento. :o)

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