Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainy Day Dogs

We had quite a bit of rain yesterday. For some reason unknown to me, Lacey and Flea have decided rain, just rain, is a devouring monster coming to get them. I could understand if they were afraid of thunder (and they are), but rain? They spent all afternoon under my feet. Here they are under my desk. Pitiful, aren't they?

I am going to be piloting a new GCC. I have piloted one other class, and it was fun! So I am looking forward to this one. It is an embroidered teddy bear. That's all I know, because I haven't received the instructions yet. I should get it next week. I'm so excited! :o)

I am going to be starting a medically supervised, very low calorie diet through one of our local hospitals in a couple of weeks. It also involves attending a group meeting once a week, and I am hoping that will help me address my food issues. I would love to lose 100 pounds, but 80 is probably more realistic. If I am brave, I may post a picture of myself before I start my diet. Maybe. :o)


Sequana said...

My very best wishes to you! After the first week, it will be more like a new habit.

I've found that the group aspect is a really helpful component.

Even if you don't post a pic yet, be sure to take one. You can post it later with some results to show.

Good luck! *S*

Rissa said...

You go girl. I wish you all the luck in the world. I would love to drop forty pounds myself, but it seems like such an uphill battle for me. I need to remind myself now and again that I have lost 20 pounds...even though it has taken two years.

Dogs are smart, they have figure out that rain is the precursor to thunder. Rudy was barking at the thunder crazy is that?

katja said...

Oh, good luck with the lifestyle change! ("Diet" is such an ugly word!) You go, girl! And keep us posted!! *big hugs*