Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kitty Rescue

Mark called me yesterday from work to tell me about a poor little cat that was hanging around their dumpster. He told me it was crying, had a hurt leg, and looked sick. Well, I envisioned a cat on the verge of death, all mangled and in pain. :o( So I went rushing over there with my carrier, trying not to think about how much in vet bills this could possibly cost me since the Animal Rescue League is closed on Mondays and there is no way I could leave an injured animal in pain.

Thank goodness, the little cat, or really a half grown kitten, was in much better shape than I imagined. He did have an injured leg, and what looked like bites on him. I think he had been on the losing end of a fight. He was also starvation skinny. What Mark thought was crying was really just him talking to any human who came near. He was so sweet. He came right to me and rubbed my legs. I'm sure he probably had an infection and worms. So I put him in the carrier and thought about what I could do with him until the rescue league opened. I knew that Merlin the Evil Cat would not take kindly to him, and that the dogs would drive him and me nuts if I took him home for the night.

So I called up my wonderful vet (I just love this man). He said I could bring the little cat to his clinic and he would keep him for me overnight, and feed him and all that. And he charged me very little. Megan thought he shouldn't have charged me anything, because it wasn't my cat, but I told her it wasn't his cat either. I certainly don't expect him to eat the cost of a stray cat I chose to rescue. I understand the clinic is his business, and he supports himself through his business. I would never expect a favor like that. Some people do, though. I have a friend who is working on having a needlework/fiber business (go Rissa! ), and there is a person who expects Rissa to just give her stuff without ever paying for it. Even when Rissa tells her what something costs, she just ignores her, or she says she will pay later, but she never does. That is just so wrong, and a terrible abuse of a friendship. I know it must get on Rissa's nerves, because it really irritates me when I see it happen. But anyways, I digress. I really appreciate Dr. Rumbavage giving me such a reduced cost for this little cat. :o) He has done that for me before, with other various and assorted rescues.

So this morning I picked him up and took him to the Mississppi Animal Rescue League. I love this organization. I support it with my donations, and I used to volunteer for it. It is an open door shelter rather than a no kill shelter. That means, it never turns down an animal, no matter what kind or what shape. They have had monkeys, and even had a tiger that some idiot was trying to keep as a pet for a while. What made me very, very sad was that I wasn't the only person there to drop off an animal that had been found. So many poor unwanted, abandoned, hurt, sick babies. It really, really pisses me off to see the way people treat animals, like they are just so much trash to be thrown away when they become inconvenient.

I left a donation to help cover the little kitty's medical expenses, and now I am hoping and praying he finds a good forever home.

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