Sunday, March 23, 2008

To the Acorn - Finished!!

I finished To the Acorn today. Yippee! I am doing such a huge happy dance. And I finished several weeks before our due date. :o) This was a lot of counting and a lot of stitching. I think I am ready to take a break from counted work for a while. LOL

I think next on my agenda is to finish Strawberry Trio, which shouldn't take long at all, then I need to get on my Phase 1 Japanese Embroidery piece. After that I need to get going on Crewel Choices, another EGA group correspondence course which is due at the end of June. And I also have Gracie and Florentine Christmas Ornaments, two other group correspondence courses that will be due around the end of August. These two have been retired, so if I want an evaluation on them I have to get them done! I just don't think I want to think about this any more. LOL

I had my little lambkin shaved last Monday, so now my little lamb is a lion. That's what they call this cut anyways. LOL Look at her poofy little front legs. I think she is just toooooo cute! :o)


Rissa said...

Congrats on the finish!

I also need to start Crewel Choices. LOL

Elisabeth Braun said...

Good finish! What have you been doing since?=)

MargB said...

A lovely piece