Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On the Knitting Front

I have been doing a little knitting in between my embroidery and art classes. I have decided to participate in two mystery shawl KAL's. I know, kinda crazy, huh? I discovered that I really enjoy knitting lacey shawls when I did the Mystery Stole last year, so I joined up for every stole and shawl KAL that I found. So far, I have only saved the patterns. But two that are starting up this month caught my imagination, and I have decided to try to keep up. Both of them are in the swatching phase, and I have them both swatched.

The first one is the Secret of Bad Nauheim, a mystery shawl by Moni, who designed the Secret of Chrysopolis. She is a German designer, and a very talented lady. I love her designs. I knitted this swatch in Graceful Lace Yarn that I bought at ROC Day. It is actually closer to cobweb lace than regular lace, so I'm hoping it doesn't drive me batty. But my swatch turned out to be close to Moni's swatch size, so I'm going to give it a try.

The second one is Mystic Light, the second of a series of designs by Anna Dalvi. The first in this series was Mystic Waters, which I also joined but haven't knit yet. I have that pattern saved on my computer, and I do plan to knit it. The theme of this mystery shawl has to do with fire and light, so we are supposed to pick a color that represents fire to us. I picked a variegated red. This shawl I'm knitting out of Fleece Artist's Sea Wool, which is 70% Merino and 30% Seacell. I first saw this yarn at our new knit shop, The Knit Studio, and I was dying to try it on something. So when I discovered Mystic Light's recommended yarn was between fingering and sport weight, I decided to try it and see if it would work. My swatch turned out gorgeous! I love the feel and drape of this yarn. It is going to make one yummy shawl. :o)

So, at this moment in time, I am officially up to date with my two shawl KALs. It probably won't ever happen again. :o)

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