Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Twitterings

I taught my third class last night, and it definitely is getting easier. I am beginning to feel less nervous about being in front of all those people - okay, only nine, but when you are in front and all eyes are on you, it feels like "all those people." LOL I have thought for a long time I would like to teach, but then I would wonder if it would make me miserable because I do not like being the center of attention, and I am very shy when it comes to being on stage. However, I am finding that once we get into it, and I am busy sharing my knowledge, it doesn't feel like I'm on stage anymore. My lectures are getting better also because I'm not so nervous. I have already agreed to teach Accounting I in the fall and Accounting II next spring. She asked if I could teach Accounting II in the second summer term, but that would mean July, and I have way too much going on then! I will be in Louisville for the Master Crewel Class, and then at the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta to start Phase II.

Rissa took pictures at the Blackhearts Ball Saturday night, and she got one of Megan and Ariellah. She really is a beautiful dancer, and Megan enjoyed her workshop and learned a lot.

Lacey, my 9 year old springer spaniel mix, had surgery last Wednesday to remove some tumors in her mammary glands. She had a lot in her hind tit, and then they were evidently starting to spread up into her others. I am happy to report that she is feeling much better now. In fact, by Friday she had started to bounce back to her normal happy self. I am waiting to hear if they are benign or malignant, but I am intending that they WILL be benign. She really is such a sweet baby.

We had some weak storms and heavy rain move through Sunday. Evidently, something has made Flea very nervous about thundershowers. Maybe a bad storm moved through while we were all gone to work or whatever, I don't know. But now every time it rains heavily and/or thunders, Flea gets all spastic and nervous. Sunday she had to sit in my lap all afternoon. Who could resist this pitiful face?

And I have progress to report on To The Acorn! I have finished Lesson 4, which is filet work. It was lots of fun to do. I really enjoy drawn thread work - I think it is the adrenalin rush you get from cutting the threads. LOL


Rissa said...

I am so proud of you getting closer to finished on to the acorn, it is BEAUTIFUL my friend!

Elisabeth Braun said...

Your stitched piece is looking great!

Yes, you put the stress and 'shyness'of teaching perfectly and that's what did it for me! I can perform fine to 'all those people', but inside I just withered up in horror!! You either love it or you hate it. Sigh!

Cindy said...

I'm glad to hear that the teaching is getting easier for you! I would so totally enjoy being able to do that :)

Have you had anyone ask you yet if they could put the credits on the left and debits on the right because it "made more sense"?