Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blackheart Ball and Gothic Bellydancing

Missihippy's Blackheart Ball was last night at Hal & Mal's, and Megan and I went. It was great! Ariellah was here teaching a workshop yesterday, and she performed at the Ball, along with several other very good local dance troupes.

Megan took Ariellah's workshop, and she seemed to really enjoy it, although she did come home a little sore. :o) The whole experience has strengthened her desire to move to Lexington KY, which has the University and a very good art school, but also evidently a very strong belly dance community. Hmmmm....maybe I can go with her and take the costume making classes at the university, and make her and her troupe's costumes. :o) What fun that would be! LOL

Watching all the dancers last night makes me want to continue to try to learn to dance myself. I just love the way the dancers have such wonderful control over the movements of their bodies. I go to belly dance classes at Butterfly Yoga just enough to feel like a total dweeb, but I don't go enough to get any better. So maybe its time to get over myself and really try.

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Rissa said...

You better stop calling my friend a hear me? I am so glad you came to class and enjoyed the show.