Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spinning woes

I got my spinning wheel fixed, I think. The foot part no longer falls off anyways. But I am having a hard time spinning. When I am just pedaling without trying to spin fiber, I can keep my wheel moving so smoothly. But when I try to pedal and spin the fiber, I cannot keep my wheel moving to save my life. It halts and I have to spin the wheel to get it started again. Then I start getting all uptight and irritated, and my thread gets crinklier and crinklier. I'm beginning to wonder if I have the ability to learn to spin. But I am trying to remind myself that this is a NEW skill I am learning. Maybe I feel this way because I am tired and just don't feel good. I put my wheel up for the night, and hopefully I will feel better about it in the morning.

Rissa tagged me for the Make My Day Award, which was so sweet of her! :o) I will post my list of 10 blogs in the morning when I feel better.


Cynthia said...

So sorry you are feeling poorly... hope you sleep well and have a better day tomorrow.

Rissa said...

Relax. Also, you can adjust the tension to make it take up faster or slower...depending on what you need. You will get the feel for just takes a little time.