Sunday, January 06, 2008

ROC Day 2008

I went to my first ROC day yesterday, and I had a blast! I went with Rissa, and we met Brenda there. I also saw the lady who taught me to knit, which was very nice. She lives in Kentucky now, but still belongs to the Chimneyville Weavers & Spinners Guild, so she came for ROC day.

I brought my poor spinning wheel to the spinning wheel clinic because the drive belt kept coming off, and I had no idea why. Terry the Wheel Doctor gave it a good once over, and tightened several screws, told me to buy my own electric screw driver that I never ever let my husband use, and check the screws every so often. But he also said my wheel is warped. This is a testament to the humidity of Mississippi, folks. I bought this wheel from a lady up north, and it was not warped when I got it. My wheel warped this past year sitting in my living room. Now that is some humid weather we have! But after he tightened everything up it spun correctly. And this is what I spun yesterday at ROC day! I'm so thrilled, even though it is either lumpy and underspun or too tightly spun. I still did it!! :o)

Brenda sat beside me, and watching her spin was very helpful.

And here is Rissa and Brenda :o)

There were several demonstrations that I enjoyed. The first one was by Hazel, who is one of my favorite members of the Weaving & Spinning Guild. She knows how to do everything! She demonstrated Inkle Looms.

Lisanne from P is for Primitive demonstrated rug hooking. I have taken her beginners rug hooking class, and it was a lot of fun. I haven't worked on my rug since then, but it is on my list to do!

Rissa demonstrated needlefelting. I just love her little animals she makes. I have never tried to needlefelt, but one day I will give it a go.

And of course I couldn't be around all that fiber without buying something....okay several somethings!

Lace weight yarns for all the shawl knit alongs I belong to:

Sock yarns for my addiction:

And beautiful supersoft silk rovings to inspire me to keep practicing my spinning so I can spin these:

This very interesting Etagere was in the lobby of the Craftsman Guild, and I just thought it was so pretty and funny, so I had to snap a picture of it. :o) Who would have thought I would ever see Barbie immortalized on a piece of wood furniture?!


Fan said...


Nice blog!! You look like a woman that likes to have fun! :)

If that is the case, please visit my site!

Thanks in advance,

Oh and don´t get scared by the entry page :)

Cynthia said...

Please do tell about the shawl knit-a-longs you are doing/going to do? I bought beautiful Jojoland Harmony on Saturday at Stitch Niche, and plan to do the Seashell Shawl from a recent (Oct '07??) Knit 'n Style magazine. Also have some lovely mohair that will be beautiful as a wrap. [And maybe change the Dancing my life away link to FickleStitcher? or add?]

Rissa said...

You did good on the stash! I am jealous! I might have to make a trip up to Knutty Knitters to see her Shepherd Sock Yarn. hehehe As for the needlefelting, I will teach you any time. Mostly, I wanted to say how proud I am that you are spinning. When you have more free time, we are going to sit together and spin...gosh darnit.