Sunday, January 13, 2008

Its Official!

Its official, I'm a teacher! I will be teaching Accounting at Hinds on Monday nights, starting tomorrow night. I went to the new teacher orientation yesterday morning and got my gradebook, and instructions on how to use Black Board (which I looked at but can't log in to yet because I don't know my number), and lots of encouragement and pep talks. I am so excited! I have always thought I would like to teach accounting at the college level, so now I get to try.

I also start my art classes at Hinds tomorrow. I am just so excited! I can't wait for tomorrow. And this is the first time that I can ever remember looking forward to a Monday!

We had the Embellishment Workshop with Rhonda Blasingame yesterday at Mississippi NeedleArts. It actually started at 10:00, so I missed half of it because of the teacher orientation I had to attend. But I showed up after lunch with my little crazy quilt block and some "stuff," and Rhonda brought me some more "stuff" and showed me some great embellishment ideas and helped me get started. It was such fun! And we had several people there too, which was wonderful. Cass, who is a fabulous crazy quilter, was working on a mardi gras wall hanging, and it was absolutely beautiful. Rissa, who is just an all-around fabu stitcher, was working on a really cool bellydancing hip belt, which had a picture of her great-grandmother on it, and lots of sparklies. I wish I had pictures of their work to share. I have got to start remembering to bring my camera with me. I need to find some deep red beads to go on mine, but here is my progress.


Xia Diaz said...


Rissa said...

I am sooooooo happy for you! I just can't wait until you can come take yoga with Megan and I!

Elisabeth Braun said...

And I'm officially no longer a teacher and am celebrating too!!!!!!!! I wish teaching suited me as well as it does you, but we ain't all the same, huh?

Hey, finished my tree project! Wanna come and see!

All the best with the new class etc!