Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy in the Morning

This is Flea in the morning, every morning. She is always so joyous, so happy to greet a new day. And she joyfully greets each and every one of us every morning! As each member of her family wakes up, whether human, dog, or cat, she tells us good morning by wagging not just her tail but her whole body, until she is just overcome and goes into her twirling dance of ecstasy. You just have to smile and feel happy yourself. I am going to open myself up to her joyful energy and carry it with me today, and pass it on to others.

I snapped some more pretty cloud pictures last night. I'm not sure exactly why I am so fascinated by them lately, but I am enjoying taking the pictures and seeing how the colors come out, and how the light and shadows contrast with each other.

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Rissa said...

Roscoe is my jumpy baby who likes to imbue everyone with his infectious energy.