Sunday Morning Musings

I love quiet Sunday mornings when everyone is still in bed. I’ve been piddling on the internet, reading my email, reading blogs, and my house is so peaceful and quiet. :o) I really need to get my butt in gear and open my mail and pay bills. Ugh. I just hate doing that, probably because I let it stack up and stack up until it is a massive job.

But that is because I have so many other, more fun things to do! Like, work on a quilt!

I finished my quilt top in the quilt class on Thursday, and I picked out the material for the border and back (the reddish-orange floral material), and for the binding (the brown material).

I took the class at Quilt Arts, our new quilting store here in Jackson. It is a very nice store, and the owners are so helpful to newbies like me. :o) The class was a great experience, and I plan to take more classes from them. Rhonda Blasingame teaches there also, and I would love to take one of her classes.

I will end this post with a masterpiece I call Boy in the Kitchen. Billy, my daughter’s boyfriend who lives with us also, was left to my tender mercies on Friday night as Megan took their one car to work. Due to my insistance that the only things I cook are frozen cheese pizzas and meatless spaghetti, poor Billy was forced into the kitchen to cook him some meat.

Actually he cooked hamburger helper, and Mark happily helped him eat it. I had cheese pizza. :o)

Busy week

It has been a very busy week for me, or rather a week and a half now since it is already Thursday!

I started school last Monday a week ago at Hinds Community College. I am taking a drawing class and a design class, and they are both great classes. Megan is taking them with me, and we are having a blast together. We have been working on contour drawings in the drawing class for the past week, and I already have noticed a difference. Where before I saw simply a curved line, now I can see all the different directions the line or surface actually has.

I am taking a beginning quilting class at our new quilt shop, and it started last Thursday. It was a lot of fun also. We cut out our strips and started sewing them together on the first class. The second class is tonight, and we are supposed to learn how to put it together with the batting and the bottom, how to quilt it or tye it down, and how to bind it. Those are the things I really want to learn, so I need to finish piecing it together today so I can work on those things tonight.

And the best part of the week was on Saturday, when we got snow!! This was the first time we had any snow in about 7 or 8 years! Although it didn’t stick, it was very exciting while it lasted. :o) I know, I know, I am a silly southerner.

Here is the pack out in the snow:

Snow on the husband

Snow on Honey Bear

Snow on Lacey

Snow on Flea

Notice, no snow on Evil Kitty Baby. He just thinks we are all silly to be out where that stuff can get on you. You just gotta love cats! :o)

Its Official!

Its official, I’m a teacher! I will be teaching Accounting at Hinds on Monday nights, starting tomorrow night. I went to the new teacher orientation yesterday morning and got my gradebook, and instructions on how to use Black Board (which I looked at but can’t log in to yet because I don’t know my number), and lots of encouragement and pep talks. I am so excited! I have always thought I would like to teach accounting at the college level, so now I get to try.

I also start my art classes at Hinds tomorrow. I am just so excited! I can’t wait for tomorrow. And this is the first time that I can ever remember looking forward to a Monday!

We had the Embellishment Workshop with Rhonda Blasingame yesterday at Mississippi NeedleArts. It actually started at 10:00, so I missed half of it because of the teacher orientation I had to attend. But I showed up after lunch with my little crazy quilt block and some “stuff,” and Rhonda brought me some more “stuff” and showed me some great embellishment ideas and helped me get started. It was such fun! And we had several people there too, which was wonderful. Cass, who is a fabulous crazy quilter, was working on a mardi gras wall hanging, and it was absolutely beautiful. Rissa, who is just an all-around fabu stitcher, was working on a really cool bellydancing hip belt, which had a picture of her great-grandmother on it, and lots of sparklies. I wish I had pictures of their work to share. I have got to start remembering to bring my camera with me. I need to find some deep red beads to go on mine, but here is my progress.

Spinning woes

I got my spinning wheel fixed, I think. The foot part no longer falls off anyways. But I am having a hard time spinning. When I am just pedaling without trying to spin fiber, I can keep my wheel moving so smoothly. But when I try to pedal and spin the fiber, I cannot keep my wheel moving to save my life. It halts and I have to spin the wheel to get it started again. Then I start getting all uptight and irritated, and my thread gets crinklier and crinklier. I’m beginning to wonder if I have the ability to learn to spin. But I am trying to remind myself that this is a NEW skill I am learning. Maybe I feel this way because I am tired and just don’t feel good. I put my wheel up for the night, and hopefully I will feel better about it in the morning.

Rissa tagged me for the Make My Day Award, which was so sweet of her! :o) I will post my list of 10 blogs in the morning when I feel better.

Happy Happy Joy Joy in the Morning

This is Flea in the morning, every morning. She is always so joyous, so happy to greet a new day. And she joyfully greets each and every one of us every morning! As each member of her family wakes up, whether human, dog, or cat, she tells us good morning by wagging not just her tail but her whole body, until she is just overcome and goes into her twirling dance of ecstasy. You just have to smile and feel happy yourself. I am going to open myself up to her joyful energy and carry it with me today, and pass it on to others.

I snapped some more pretty cloud pictures last night. I’m not sure exactly why I am so fascinated by them lately, but I am enjoying taking the pictures and seeing how the colors come out, and how the light and shadows contrast with each other.

ROC Day 2008

I went to my first ROC day yesterday, and I had a blast! I went with Rissa, and we met Brenda there. I also saw the lady who taught me to knit, which was very nice. She lives in Kentucky now, but still belongs to the Chimneyville Weavers & Spinners Guild, so she came for ROC day.

I brought my poor spinning wheel to the spinning wheel clinic because the drive belt kept coming off, and I had no idea why. Terry the Wheel Doctor gave it a good once over, and tightened several screws, told me to buy my own electric screw driver that I never ever let my husband use, and check the screws every so often. But he also said my wheel is warped. This is a testament to the humidity of Mississippi, folks. I bought this wheel from a lady up north, and it was not warped when I got it. My wheel warped this past year sitting in my living room. Now that is some humid weather we have! But after he tightened everything up it spun correctly. And this is what I spun yesterday at ROC day! I’m so thrilled, even though it is either lumpy and underspun or too tightly spun. I still did it!! :o)

Brenda sat beside me, and watching her spin was very helpful.

And here is Rissa and Brenda :o)

There were several demonstrations that I enjoyed. The first one was by Hazel, who is one of my favorite members of the Weaving & Spinning Guild. She knows how to do everything! She demonstrated Inkle Looms.

Lisanne from P is for Primitive demonstrated rug hooking. I have taken her beginners rug hooking class, and it was a lot of fun. I haven’t worked on my rug since then, but it is on my list to do!

Rissa demonstrated needlefelting. I just love her little animals she makes. I have never tried to needlefelt, but one day I will give it a go.

And of course I couldn’t be around all that fiber without buying something….okay several somethings!

Lace weight yarns for all the shawl knit alongs I belong to:

Sock yarns for my addiction:

And beautiful supersoft silk rovings to inspire me to keep practicing my spinning so I can spin these:

This very interesting Etagere was in the lobby of the Craftsman Guild, and I just thought it was so pretty and funny, so I had to snap a picture of it. :o) Who would have thought I would ever see Barbie immortalized on a piece of wood furniture?!

January Take It Further Challenge

The concept for January is the feeling of admiration for someone. I have been thinking about people I admire. The first person who came into my mind is Debra Boswell, one of the founders of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. She has dedicated her whole life to the welfare and care of unwanted animals here in Jackson, and I think she is a wonderful woman. I thought about my two friends, Katie and Rissa, who are both very strong, forthright, and caring women. You always know where you stand with them, but neither would deliberately hurt someone. :o) I thought about my daughter, who I admire for having the gumption to leave home and move to Kentucky for a year, and who came back home an independent young woman. I thought about Shekhinah Mountainwater, who followed her heart to work as a Priestess, reaching out to woman with her gentle Goddess teachings. Masa Tamura, who founded the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta with her husband, is a wonderful teacher, and is someone else I greatly admire.

So now I am thinking about what all these people have in common, the qualities I admire in them. I have come up with: devotion to a cause, dream, or art form, compassion, courage, tenacity, and an ability to speak what is on your mind without caring what other people think.

And what does this admiration feel like to me? It is a warm feeling inside, a bright, energetic feeling, a feeling of inspiration.

Now to translate these thoughts and feelings to a design that can be interpreted through fabric and embroidery. :o)

Brrrrrrrrr Cold!!

It was so very cold this morning – down to 24. And even colder tonight – down to 18. Now that is what I call winter! Okay, maybe I’m a little sorry I whined about having no winter weather. But never fear, we will be back in the 70’s by Monday.

Poor little Flea, my short haired part chihuahua furbaby, really does not like the cold. I had to drag her out of bed this morning. Everytime I uncovered her, she would only tunnel deeper under the covers. It was a fun game, but I finally prevailed. I don’t think she has forgiven me yet. :o)

When I got home this evening and let the dogs out, I watched our sunset. It was quite beautiful! This is the tail end of the sunset.

I spent the evening all comfy and cozy under my blanket with my stitching, watching Ghost Hunters. I really love that show. Secret confession time – I want to run away and join the TAPS team. I think it would be so cool to be a ghost hunter, exploring spooky old buildings! :o)

New Year’s Day

What a wonderful day today! I worked on all my creative projects – I stitched, I drew a little and started working with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and I started on my novel project with my writing group. I wish every day could be like this…oh wait, soon they will be! :o)

I had a fun New Year’s Eve last night, even though I didn’t make it to midnight. I am such a sleep weenie. Katie came over, and I made tacos and rotel cheese dip, and she brought a cheesecake. We watched movies, and then drew a word to contemplate on and work with for 2008. My word was health, which is a good word for me to think on, and definitely something to work on! With that in mind, I got up this morning thinking I would go for a walk around the pond.
Well, I didn’t get very far – the wind was cold and blowing right through me, so I headed back to the warmth of my house and the comfort of my stitching nest. Oh well, at least I got out there. :o)

And look who was waiting for me to come back to my stitching nest. This is my baby Honey Bear, with her head on the Never-Ending Black Socks, wondering what her crazy momma is doing outside in the cold.

Sharon B posted our first Take It Further Challenge on her blog. We are to work up a design based on a feeling of admiration for someone. I’m going to be mulling this over until the weekend, and see what idea percolates to the top.