Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sweeney Todd

We went to see Sweeney Todd last night, and it was an awesome movie! Definitely creepy and gory, but funny as only Johnny Depp can be in a creepy character. It was also very interesting to see him singing in a musical. :o)

Why is there always at least one of THOSE people at horror movies?? You know, THOSE people who must talk constantly through the whole movie, getting all upset when there is blood and gore? I just want to take them outside and slap them. There were two of them last night, all shocked at the amount of blood, and every time Sweeney Todd slit a throat and blood spurted, they were just horrified, screaming ewww, ewww, ewwww. Hmmmm, lets see...the story is about a serial killer who is a barber, who kills by slitting his victims throats. Then he dumps them downstairs into the meat pie shop where they are made into meat pies. And it is directed by Tim Burton, who has a wonderfully creepy mind. And it is rated R for violence and gore. Come on people, get a grip!

Anyways, if you like horror, and if you like Johnny Depp, you will LOVE this movie! What a delicious combination! :o)

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Elisabeth Braun said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.=) You might be able to take a C&G course from the UK as many offer distance learning stuff and I have 'met' ladies from outside the UK doing UK based courses on newsgroups I used to be on. Try WS Touchbase.

Well, not sure you'd have caught me at the cinema watching that one with you. I kinda tend to think that, if I would find something ghastly if it happened in real life in front of me, then I'm not entertained by it either, even if it is just 'pretend'. Give me a harmless, 'feel-good' film any day!! LOL!!=)