Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dab of winter

Well, we had a tiny dab of winter that lasted about 2 days. Monday, we actually had a frost on the ground! Today, the temp was in the lower 70's, and it should hover about there through the weekend. I wish we got just a little bit more winter weather here in Mississippi. Sometimes I get so tired of warm, humid weather, and I long for snow, and for air so cold you can feel it in your lungs.

I did document our frost, so I could turn the A/C way down, look at the pictures, and at least pretend its winter!

And here is my poor little Flea, wondering why her grass is so crunchy and cold. It was hilarious to watch her try to hover over that cold grass and pee! Although from the look she gave me, she does NOT appreciate my humor. :o)


Cynthia said...

Oh, how funny to see our kitten take its first walk in the snow (when we lived in Maryland)! Much like watching our babies walk barefoot in the grass for the first time.

Rissa said...

Cold wet paws are just the worst!

Elisabeth said...

Yay! Icing sugar land! It looks lovely like that, doesn't it? We had a few days like that here in the UK last week and people even got hopeful for snow, but it's cleared up again now.