MS NeedleArts Meeting – our outreach project

We had our MS NeedleArts meeting yesterday. It was a great meeting. We are stitching the Kissing Pillows project for the Yellow Rose Chapter in Texas, and we invited everyone to come stitch with us. We had several people show up, which was great!

The Kissing Pillow is a small cross stitch motif pillow that is given to the child of a soldier being deployed overseas. The soldier kisses the pillow and then gives it to his or her child to keep until they get back. I think it is a lovely outreach project. My father went to Viet Nam when I was about 9, and I remember what a very scary time that was. So I like to think I am reaching out to children like me, to give them a little bit of comfort during such a frightening time.

I have four motifs done:

I finished one yesterday, and we had two other ladies finish one at the meeting. There were three or four other ladies that took theirs home to finish. And everyone took a couple of extra kits. We also had a young girl show up right before our meeting ended. I took a few minutes to show her how to do them, and she took hers home with her. I wish she had come earlier so I could have had more time to teach her. Rissa has nine or so finished, and Cass has five. I volunteered to stitch them into pillows. So I will need to get started on that. :o)

That Needlin’ Town – Chicago – Seminar 2007

We got back from Chicago last Saturday night. I had such a wonderful time!! It has taken me all week to recover. LOL The Marriot was very nice, and the area we were in – the Magnificent Mile – was absolutely beautiful. It is the nicest downtown area I have ever been in. We were on the 38th floor, and had a very nice view of downtown. However, I wouldn’t want to live in Chicago. Way too many people for me! And it was never quiet, even though we were on the 38th floor. I think Jackson is as big a place as I ever want to live in.

The seminar was wonderful, and I loved all three of my classes. Here we go with pictures. :o)

My Sunday class was The Flower Show, ribbon and brazilian embroidery, with Jane Ellen Balzuweit. She was such a sweet teacher.

First is the picture from the instructions:

And my piece:

My Monday/Tuesday class was Down the Garden Path, a counted work sampler, with Barbara Rakosnik. Another great teacher – so sweet and very funny.

The picture from the instructions:

And mine:

My Thursday/Friday class was Say It With Flowers, surface embroidery on a canvas, with Marnie Ritter. This one was lots of fun. First we painted our canvas with flower petals and leaves, which was very cool. And the piece uses beads and ribbon, which are always fun to work with. And Marnie Ritter was a hoot.

The picture:

And mine:

Mark and I went exploring on Wednesday. We went to Millenium Park and the Navy Pier, and then took a boat cruise up the Chicago River to look at all the architecture. I also wanted to visit the Science & Industry Museum and the Field Museum, but I just didn’t have time.

Here are a few of my Chicago pictures from Wednesday:

The Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan

From Millineum Park

Mark inside the metal sculpture thing in Millineum Park

Pretty rock garden on the street

Wading pool at Millineum Park

We had a great time. I am now looking forward to Louisville!