Mystery Stole #3 – Finished!

I finished my mystery stole today! It is my first lace shawl/stole project that I have actually finished, and I am quite in love with it. :o) It is not perfect, but I don’t care. I didn’t look for my mistakes, and I can’t tell they are there anyways. I’m very happy with it! It is now blocking.

Here is a closeup of the lace. It represents the swans of Swan Lake.

And here is a closeup of the swan wing. I love it! It turned out very light and feathery looking.

And to go along with my stole, I got this beautiful swan pin.

I am very excited about wearing it to the banquets! :o)

On the personal front, I’m happier with my hair. It has finally relaxed a little. Although I am still very angry at the stylist. He never called me back, but he certainly cashed my check.

I have had a bout with my heart these past couple of weeks. I’ve been having chest pains, trouble breathing, and irregular heart beats. I decided that before I go across country from my heart doctor I should probably have it checked out, so I saw him yesterday. He put me through all kinds of torture, including a stress test which I hate with a passion because it feels like they are trying to kill me. The results are my valve problem hasn’t changed, and my arteries aren’t clogged. His diagnosis – stress and anxiety, which are exacerbating my irregular heart beats. I am very relieved at that. The stress and anxiety I can fix. A heart attack I can’t.

Woo hoo! Chicaco here we come! Just 2 more days. :o)

Hair Trauma

I have had a miserable week at work and home, and it was topped off by a poodle perm. :o(

My intention was to get a spiral perm, and I envisioned lovely, loose corkscrew curls. Hah! What I got looks like the perms my mom used to give me when I was a teenager in the 70’s, which for then was an okay look. But not for now.

Next comes major whining and venting, so if you don’t want to hear my hair woes, scroll down and see my Swan Lake – Mystery Stole progress. Much happier stuff.

The jerk who gave me this mess, and his name is Chris Thomas and I will never never go back to him to say the least, was first of all 30 minutes late showing up to the salon. Then, he cut someone else’s hair before me, so I’m now an hour late getting started. So he rolls me up, and while doing that took a call from a friend, and he told them he would take a break in an hour and come see them then. Okay, cue the horror music. After he finishes rolling my hair, he abandons me to his shampoo girl to process my hair. She puts the stuff on my hair and disappears. Twenty minutes later I’m getting ready to go find her, and she shows up. My hair takes a perm very fast and easily, and doesn’t require that long to process. She unrolls me, sends me back to Chris’ station to wait for him. Ten minutes later I go looking for him, very pissed off. The guy at the desk says they can’t reach him on his cell. So I leave, with my hair wet and not even combed out. And to top that off, he cut my bangs uneven.

I went home and immediately shampooed and conditioned it. No relaxation whatsoever. I put deep conditioner on it yesterday and today, and still tight poodle curls. I am so very unhappy with this shitty perm. It looks awful. I left a message for him, but he hasn’t had either the professionalism or the balls to call me back yet. I am thinking about getting it straightened back out.

This is the first time I have ever had a hair stylist bail out in the middle of a perm. In my book he is an insensitive, uncaring, unprofessional, piece of shit.

Mystery Stole Progress

I finished Clue 4 last weekend, but I just haven’t had a chance to post the picture I took. This is the end of this part of the stole.

Clue 5 begins the “wing.” This is an asymmetrical stole, and I really like the way it looks. Here is a picture of Clue 5. It is hard to get it stretched out since I’m working short rows.

I just hope I can finish it in time! I want to wear it to the EGA banquets, so I need to be done knitting by a week from this coming Wednesday so I have time to block it, which will be a new adventure in itself! LOL

Mystery Stole #3 Progress – Clue 4, Chart E

I finished the first part of Clue 4 yesterday morning. Here are my progress pictures:

The theme for the stole was announced Friday, and it is Swan Lake. The other end of the stole it going to represent a wing, and I am very excited about knitting it. It will contain short rows, and the direction of the knitting is supposed to change. I can’t wait to get to that part! Melanie keeps saying trust me, it will work, just knit it! I have a feeling it will be like magic, like the first time I turned a sock heel. LOL

The MS MS3-Me2 group is meeting this afternoon. I can’t wait to see everyone’s progress!