Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday walk around the pond

I know I need to me be more active, to add some steps to my basically immobile days. So I am making a goal to take a walk each morning this week, starting today. So off I went early this morning, leaving dad and dogs snoozing in the bed. :o)

Our subdivision has two lovely ponds, or lakes, as my husband INSISTS they are. But to me a lake is the size of the Reservoir that Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, and Flowood sits by. Anyways, our house sits right by the walking trail that goes around one of the ponds and leads to the trail that goes to the other one. That's really the reason both Mark and I are reluctant to sell our house and move to something smaller. I got out there around 7ish this morning, and it was still pleasant, although quite warm.

We have a flock of resident Canadian geese on the back pond, and a huge flock or maybe several smaller flocks of resident mallard ducks. I always enjoy them and their antics, especially when they have little ducklings. Here is a picture I took earlier this spring when the ducklings were a little smaller:

And although in this one you can't see the ducklings very well, it shows the pretty pond:

And here they are a little older, although fewer in number:

I do enjoy being by the water. It is such a peaceful and healing place to be. The ocean is nice to be by also, but it has a different feel to me. It is so vast, and so powerful. I much prefer quiet ponds, lakes, and streams nestled in the trees. And the water doesn't have to be clear either. I find beauty in muddy waters that are a joining together of the water and earth elements, a balancing of the emotions with the physical body. That makes a rich environment that can't help but bring forth life and creativity.

Here is my favorite lunch spot, at a city park called Crystal Lake.

Not many people come here at all. This spot has saved my sanity on many a chaotic Monday, including those other days of the week that seem to be Mondays also!


Rissa said...

I love the water too...water and woods are a fabulous mix. Thanks for sharing the photos. :-)

Ann said...

I am a water lover, too. Nothing else like it to help me relax. You are lucky to have it so near!