Sunday, July 22, 2007

MS3 Gathering of MS3 KAL

That is, the Mississippi 3 gathering of the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. :o) We also go by MS-Me2, because everytime someone shows a picture of another shawl they want to knit, our response is Me too, me too! :o)

Here we are, from left to right, Brenda, Chanda, and me:

This picture was from our cast on get together on June 29 at Borders. Chanda got a nice teenager to snap this picture of us.

We got together this afternoon for our second KAL. They each brought something mindless to knit on so they could chat and knit at the same time. Not me. I decided I could knit on my stole and talk at the same time. Wrong!! I got halfway though the first row, did a quick count, and you guessed it, I was off by one stitch. So I just put it down and chatted. Now I have to figure out where I went wrong and tink it. Next time, you can bet I will bring some mindless knitting!

Here is our progress. Brenda is furthest along, hers is white with clear, sparkly beads. Mine is the cream one. Chanda's is the other white one. She isn't putting beads on hers. She originally started with some very pretty variegated yarn, but didn't like how it was turning out. So she frogged it and ordered some other yarn. That's why I am ahead of her. I'm sure she will be zooming past me, because I am such a slow knitter, especially with this lace! I have to count and count again on each row. :o)

I'm off to do some tinking. Stay tuned for our next MS3 Gathering!


Cyn said...

They are all three beautiful! Makes me want to get back to my Swallowtail shawl. It was knitting up so fast... I was sure I'd have two made in no time. Now the first one is still sitting and waiting on me, and waiting on me, and waiting on me. It is so light to carry, but, takes too concentration for break/lunch time knitting.

Rissa said...

Looks like you are having fun! Maybe I can come along to socialize next time. LOL

Chanda in Mississippi said...

You must be crazy to think I'm going to pass you! You're way ahead of me and it looks beautiful! I'm just finishing Clue 2 this week. Hope to just keep working on it - forget catching up!