Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Japanese Embroidery

I had a lovely time at the Japanese Embroidery Center. Rissa and I left last Tuesday, and stayed with her mom in Atltanta. She visited with family (and shopped) while I was at class. When I came home, we made some lightening fast excursions so I could shop, and ate lots of good food! Being the kind soul Rissa is, she took me to - count them - 3 different pizza restaurants!! They were all soooooooooo good. (For those of you who don't know, to say I love pizza is an understatement. I even enjoy the 99 cent Totino pizzas.) And for the other two nights, we ate at Ippolito's, a yummy Italian restaurant. I fell in love with their raspberry-white chocolate cheesecake. MMMM MMMM GOOD!!

We went to Abecedarius needlework shop. It is a very lovely shop! She specializes in reproduction samplers. I drooled over all the beautiful linens and threads, and came out with quite a haul (and dent in the pocketbook). I didn't have as much time as I wanted (thank goodness seeing what I bought in the short time I was there), so we are planning on going earlier the next time we go to Atlanta so I can have more time to look around. The owner of the shop is a very nice lady too. She and Rissa discussed what it was like to grow up as a doctor's daughter, trying to resist becoming a doctor's wife. Evidently she resisted, Rissa finally fell into that trap. ;o) But a nice trap for Rissa; her husband is a wonderful man.

I made wonderful progress in my stitching. After an irritating first day, where I worked on the orange and white flower ALL day, stitching and ripping, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. The other three days were very enjoyable, and I learned a lot. Masa-san gently chided me for ripping out too much. She doesn't believe that every piece of work has to be absolutely perfect, and that beauty is found in mistakes and growth. Although I think that is easy for her to say, since her stitching looks perfect to me. :o) I love the philosophy and spirituality that is blended with the stitching at the Center. I am making Nuido, the way of embroidery, my way of life.

Here is my progress picture:

My goal is to finish this piece by the end of the year so I can begin Phase 2 in January.


Rissa said...

I have faith that you can do it! Plus, the food was in Atlanta is so much superior to pizza in Jackson! LOL Your work is BEAUTIFUL.

coral-seas said...

Hi Lisa
My name is Carol-Anne, I am also learning Nuido but in the UK. I did a different design for my Phase I but I have seen the Bouquet from the Heart and think it is beautiful. Your stitching looks beautiful. I am currently on Phase III but have put that aside to work on a design for my parents.
I am blogging my progress, if you would like to she what I have done.