Sunday, July 29, 2007

Camera Woes and Furbabies

My camera gave me much grief yesterday, but Rissa came to my rescue. It is an older camera she so kindly gave me (a VERY nice camera!), but my laptop for some reason wouldn't read the memory-flash thingy. So I couldn't download my pictures. It was very traumatizing.

I called Rissa to see if she could help, because she is a computer whiz kind of person. She knows what the real name for the memory-flash thingy is, so that makes her a whiz in my book. :o) So she fooled around with it, and came to the decision that there must have been some kind of update to Windows XP which was preventing it from reading the older card-thingy, because my camera could read it just fine. I bought a new card-thingy, but it still had the same problem. So she swapped me the new one for a not-so-old one, and voila, it works now. At least for now. I guess I should prepare for buying a new camera when this quits working.

While she slaved on my camera-computer issue, I got to play with her dogs. They are just so sweet.

Here is Rudy, her new adoptee. He was a rescue dog, and he has such a wonderful, sweet, loving personality I just can't imagine why anyone would through him away. But don't get me started on that subject, it really pisses me off.

And here are Rudy's older brothers Oscar (the red one) and Louie (the black and tan one).

And here she is with her pack. :o)

And here is my pack. :o) The cat is Merlin aka Kitty Baby aka Evil Kitty Baby when he is doing baaaad things. Honey Bear is my little black and tan pomeranian, and she is Queen B. She is definitely the Alpha Female. Lacey is a springer spaniel/cocker spaniel mix, and then there is Flea, a pomeranian-chihuahua mix. They were only sitting together so nicely because they were waiting for supper. LOL

I really love the furbabies!


Rissa said...

Just glad all the camera things worked out. I was looking at the card that came with the camera and noticed it was made in 1997, it is the orignal 4x card that came with the camera way back then! So, ten years of use is actually pretty doggone good. :-) I think the one you now is only a few years old, so maybe it will last a while. It is still a good picked up all that junk in the background of the picture at my house. hehehe

Glad the babies all line up for dinner...mine are learning to do it too!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! I love the name for your dog "Flea", how funny and adorable!
Jackie M.