Monday from Hell

It has been a hellacious Monday, just the total pits. Yesterday Mark had a flat on the van, and he couldn’t get the lug bolts loose, so I had to let him use my car this morning. For some reason, that just made me irritable. I’m not sure why.

As soon as I got to work, I had to rush into a stupid meeting. Then we had to have a construction meeting. On my way back to my office, I got handed all kinds of stuff to do, on top of my normal month end work. I was just so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start! And it went downhill from there. There were notes on my desk, sqabbles in the office, I had nonstop phone calls, and my irritation level went up, up, up.

Now I’m home, and I still feel all blah and yucky. I can’t even work up any enthusiasm for my knitting or stitching. I just want something ooey, gooey, and chocolate to soothe my little nerves.

Tomorrow WILL be a better day! (Or I will thump some heads.)

Camera Woes and Furbabies

My camera gave me much grief yesterday, but Rissa came to my rescue. It is an older camera she so kindly gave me (a VERY nice camera!), but my laptop for some reason wouldn’t read the memory-flash thingy. So I couldn’t download my pictures. It was very traumatizing.

I called Rissa to see if she could help, because she is a computer whiz kind of person. She knows what the real name for the memory-flash thingy is, so that makes her a whiz in my book. :o) So she fooled around with it, and came to the decision that there must have been some kind of update to Windows XP which was preventing it from reading the older card-thingy, because my camera could read it just fine. I bought a new card-thingy, but it still had the same problem. So she swapped me the new one for a not-so-old one, and voila, it works now. At least for now. I guess I should prepare for buying a new camera when this quits working.

While she slaved on my camera-computer issue, I got to play with her dogs. They are just so sweet.

Here is Rudy, her new adoptee. He was a rescue dog, and he has such a wonderful, sweet, loving personality I just can’t imagine why anyone would through him away. But don’t get me started on that subject, it really pisses me off.

And here are Rudy’s older brothers Oscar (the red one) and Louie (the black and tan one).

And here she is with her pack. :o)

And here is my pack. :o) The cat is Merlin aka Kitty Baby aka Evil Kitty Baby when he is doing baaaad things. Honey Bear is my little black and tan pomeranian, and she is Queen B. She is definitely the Alpha Female. Lacey is a springer spaniel/cocker spaniel mix, and then there is Flea, a pomeranian-chihuahua mix. They were only sitting together so nicely because they were waiting for supper. LOL

I really love the furbabies!

Mystery Stole #3 Progress – Clue 3 Done

I finished clue 3 Friday night. So right now I am actually working on the current clue. Yeah me!! :o) Of course, that won’t be the case come this Friday. LOL

I am having such fun with this mystery KAL, I signed up for Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl KAL (, which started today. I don’t even have the yarn for it yet. I know, I know, I’m crazy. But before you judge how crazy, let me admit to this: I have signed up for the Hanami Stole KAL ( and the Icelandic Shawl KAL (, both which start the first week of September. I am also ordering yarn for the Heartland Shawl (,com_frontpage/Itemid,54/ and scroll down), KAL to be announced, and I’m thinking about ordering the pattern from Triinu for the Lacey Shawl Group KAL (, which will be starting in September too. Wait, I’m not done. I have also ordered the Bee Shawl Kit, and I am going to be joining that KAL too (

Wait, I’m still not done yet. That doesn’t count all my embroidery projects and group correspondence courses I signed up for through CyberStitchers (4, count them, 4 six month courses). I don’t think I will list those now, I don’t think my heart can stand the strain.

Okay, not only am I crazy, I’m certifiable. :o) I keep telling my husband I don’t have time to work!

MS3 Gathering of MS3 KAL

That is, the Mississippi 3 gathering of the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. :o) We also go by MS-Me2, because everytime someone shows a picture of another shawl they want to knit, our response is Me too, me too! :o)

Here we are, from left to right, Brenda, Chanda, and me:

This picture was from our cast on get together on June 29 at Borders. Chanda got a nice teenager to snap this picture of us.

We got together this afternoon for our second KAL. They each brought something mindless to knit on so they could chat and knit at the same time. Not me. I decided I could knit on my stole and talk at the same time. Wrong!! I got halfway though the first row, did a quick count, and you guessed it, I was off by one stitch. So I just put it down and chatted. Now I have to figure out where I went wrong and tink it. Next time, you can bet I will bring some mindless knitting!

Here is our progress. Brenda is furthest along, hers is white with clear, sparkly beads. Mine is the cream one. Chanda’s is the other white one. She isn’t putting beads on hers. She originally started with some very pretty variegated yarn, but didn’t like how it was turning out. So she frogged it and ordered some other yarn. That’s why I am ahead of her. I’m sure she will be zooming past me, because I am such a slow knitter, especially with this lace! I have to count and count again on each row. :o)

I’m off to do some tinking. Stay tuned for our next MS3 Gathering!

Visiting Turkey

Mark was out mowing the front hay field I mean front yard this morning, when he spotted this visitor.

I wish you could see him better, but he is a young turkey. He just strolled on up the walking path from around the pond, and he got quite close to us. I’ve never been that close to a wild turkey before. It was a cool close animal encounter! I just wish I knew how to make my camera zoom for a better picture. I guess I should read the instruction book. LOL

Mystery Stole #3 Progress – Clue 2 Done

I finished Clue 2 of the Mystery Stole #3 last night. I stretched it out this morning so I could take pictures. It looks much better stretched out! I hope to get better stitch definition when I actually block it.

Here is a close up of the beads. This is the first time I have used beads in my knitting, and I am enjoying the process. I look forward to the rows with the beads on it! LOL They add a little sparkle to the stole.

I intend to weare this stole to one of the banquets at EGA’s national seminar in Chicago in September. So onward to Clue #3!

Japanese Embroidery

I had a lovely time at the Japanese Embroidery Center. Rissa and I left last Tuesday, and stayed with her mom in Atltanta. She visited with family (and shopped) while I was at class. When I came home, we made some lightening fast excursions so I could shop, and ate lots of good food! Being the kind soul Rissa is, she took me to – count them – 3 different pizza restaurants!! They were all soooooooooo good. (For those of you who don’t know, to say I love pizza is an understatement. I even enjoy the 99 cent Totino pizzas.) And for the other two nights, we ate at Ippolito’s, a yummy Italian restaurant. I fell in love with their raspberry-white chocolate cheesecake. MMMM MMMM GOOD!!

We went to Abecedarius needlework shop. It is a very lovely shop! She specializes in reproduction samplers. I drooled over all the beautiful linens and threads, and came out with quite a haul (and dent in the pocketbook). I didn’t have as much time as I wanted (thank goodness seeing what I bought in the short time I was there), so we are planning on going earlier the next time we go to Atlanta so I can have more time to look around. The owner of the shop is a very nice lady too. She and Rissa discussed what it was like to grow up as a doctor’s daughter, trying to resist becoming a doctor’s wife. Evidently she resisted, Rissa finally fell into that trap. ;o) But a nice trap for Rissa; her husband is a wonderful man.

I made wonderful progress in my stitching. After an irritating first day, where I worked on the orange and white flower ALL day, stitching and ripping, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. The other three days were very enjoyable, and I learned a lot. Masa-san gently chided me for ripping out too much. She doesn’t believe that every piece of work has to be absolutely perfect, and that beauty is found in mistakes and growth. Although I think that is easy for her to say, since her stitching looks perfect to me. :o) I love the philosophy and spirituality that is blended with the stitching at the Center. I am making Nuido, the way of embroidery, my way of life.

Here is my progress picture:

My goal is to finish this piece by the end of the year so I can begin Phase 2 in January.

What is my inner color?

I saw this when I was reading Rissa’s blog. This is my result.

Your Inner Color is Purple

Your Personality: You’re a dreamer and visionary. You believe you were put on this earth to do something great.

You in Love: You’re very passionate but often too busy for love. You need a partner who sees your vision and adopts it as their own.

Your Career: You need a job that helps you make a difference. You have a bright future as a guru, politician, teacher, or musician.

Sunday walk around the pond

I know I need to me be more active, to add some steps to my basically immobile days. So I am making a goal to take a walk each morning this week, starting today. So off I went early this morning, leaving dad and dogs snoozing in the bed. :o)

Our subdivision has two lovely ponds, or lakes, as my husband INSISTS they are. But to me a lake is the size of the Reservoir that Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, and Flowood sits by. Anyways, our house sits right by the walking trail that goes around one of the ponds and leads to the trail that goes to the other one. That’s really the reason both Mark and I are reluctant to sell our house and move to something smaller. I got out there around 7ish this morning, and it was still pleasant, although quite warm.

We have a flock of resident Canadian geese on the back pond, and a huge flock or maybe several smaller flocks of resident mallard ducks. I always enjoy them and their antics, especially when they have little ducklings. Here is a picture I took earlier this spring when the ducklings were a little smaller:

And although in this one you can’t see the ducklings very well, it shows the pretty pond:

And here they are a little older, although fewer in number:

I do enjoy being by the water. It is such a peaceful and healing place to be. The ocean is nice to be by also, but it has a different feel to me. It is so vast, and so powerful. I much prefer quiet ponds, lakes, and streams nestled in the trees. And the water doesn’t have to be clear either. I find beauty in muddy waters that are a joining together of the water and earth elements, a balancing of the emotions with the physical body. That makes a rich environment that can’t help but bring forth life and creativity.

Here is my favorite lunch spot, at a city park called Crystal Lake.

Not many people come here at all. This spot has saved my sanity on many a chaotic Monday, including those other days of the week that seem to be Mondays also!