Saturday, June 30, 2007

Catching Up

Thank goodness today is Saturday! Although I'm not really feeling well today. I think I have a Benedryl hangover. I am battling poison ivy gifted to me by my cat. I am so allergic to it that I don't have to be anywhere near it to get it. My animals or husband can touch it and then bring it to me. Sigh. Anyways, I have been battling it for over a week now, and it is still spreading, so I have been taking benedryl to see if that will help, on top of my topical medicines. I took 4 last night, after I got home from the Mystery Stole Cast-on Get Together, and I really feel icky. I missed my meditation group this morning, and I have just moped around all day. Bleh.

I did manage to finish up my continuing education today though. I am a CPA, and we have to get 40 hours a year. Let me tell you, it is pure torture. I had to do 12 hours of self study to finish it up, and guess when I did it? Yep, you guessed it, yesterday and today. I am the QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION! Every year, during the last week in June (because our CPE year ends on June 30th) I rant and rave and swear I'm letting my CPA license lapse. Every year (so far) I manage to get through with my CPE in the nick of time. Every year I swear I won't wait until the last minute. Do you see a certain cycle here??

On a much more positive note, I went to the Tennessee Valley Region of the Embroidery Guild's seminar last weekend in Knoxville TN. It was great! Rissa and I went together, and we had a blast! I always have a good time when I'm with her. Downtown Knoxville was very nice, much different from downtown Jackson MS let me tell you! We could actually walk around, and it was so clean and pretty. There was an interesting market square with a very eclectic collection of shops.

I took a wonderful beading class with Carolyn Sherman, and the project is a beaded box called Smoky Mountain Wildflowers. I was a little worried about the class because I have never done any beading before. Cynthia in my local chapter showed me some beading stitches to help me prepare. But the class was a dream! The teacher was fabulous, and the project is beautiful. I am actually still working on it now that I'm home, and I'm determined to finish!

This is the top of the box:

This is the beginning of the band that will go around the lid of the box top:

And this is the band for one side of the box:

I enjoyed working on this class so much, I bought another one of her kits during merchandise night. It has a pretty yellow rose on top.

On July 10 I leave to go to Atlanta for my second class in Japanese Embroidery. I am looking forward to that also. I just love spending my days stitching, and being around fellow stitchers. Too bad I have to work. But maybe next year that will change. :o)

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Rissa said...

You go girl...dream big! :-) I am sorry about the poison ivy, it happens to me too. You might have to go to the doctor for a round of oral steroids or a shot to help you heal.

Glad you finished the continuing ed stuff. The CPA is always a good thing to have. :-) And, yes, you might just be a procrastinator!